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  • Stumbled upon the best free stat counter I’ve ever seen. Blows away the popular sitemeter and all the rest. —

    (it’s not a WP plugin — it’s the type where you plug some code into your page and their server tracks your site’s activity through that.)

    Loads of features, check out the demo!

    Worked great for me in wordpress and it’s XHTML valid (unlike many other stat counters). Can choose from a few different icons for the counter, or make it totally invisible — no gaudy mandatory graphics. Ability to exclude your own IP (or as many as you want) from the count. Lots more.

    I’m not affiliated in any way — just a heads up to everyone here. Go check it out yourself.. Simple, clean, easy, free and loaded with features 🙂

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  • I am also a huge fan, and use it extensively on my retail website. The range of stats is pretty phenomenal considering you don’t have to pay a dime for any of it. My top tip is to make goood use of the free stats download, or do some c+p, because you have only 100 ‘slots’ and they are overwritten dynamically. Another good feature – if you have a static IP – is that you can create a cookie in the StatCounter site to ignore your own activity.

    I am also using Statscounter on my website, but didn’t realize i could put it on my blog. This is fantastic news as i really love using statscounter. But where do i add the code on my blog?
    Many thanks

    I put it at the end of my footer (just before the </body>)

    I am really new at this. Where do I put the code for this? Where is the footer? In the footer.php? Please help.

    Yep, in the footer.php. You can use WordPress’ inbuilt theme editor to edit that file, and you want to insert the code, as Joebar said, just above the HTML tag </body> (which will be towards the bottom, I’d imagine).

    Yes, really good service.Comprehensive stats,great graphics and nice interface and it’s free too.What else you need?

    I have installed this on most of my blogs and very much satisfied.

    I am also new and have taken your recommendations and have put Statcounter in my footer.php file before the </body> tag. I opted for the invisible code to keep my blog as simply designed as possible. Statcounter is just what I needed: free, simple and easy to use. Thanks again!

    I had one of their counters for ages, but be warned: when their site goes down (as it does from time to time), the script produces a long alt message that may break your layout.

    the biggest drawback is that it counts only upto 100 pageloads – not even 100 visitors! and all stats are based on only the latest 100. of course if you want more you can pay…

    has anybody else had jennmiller’s problem of pages breaking when their site is down??

    My 2 cents…

    The problem with free version of statcounter is that it offers most analysis only on last 100 log entries.

    It looks entertaining but it lacks real value. When you try to upgrade it costs almost as much as your web hosting, often more.

    You are better off with a dedicated installed stat package.

    I wanna know how to get the stats for all my “popular pages”. I put it in the page templete but nothing has happened yet.

    Regardless, great tool.

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