• Wow, it works! I’ve been so frustrated for weeks with a Contact form whose reCAPTCHA would not work due to a conflict with the NoCaptcha ReCaptcha for WooCommerce plugin. That plugin is no longer supported as they told me when I contacted them. I didn’t know where to turn for a replacement. We had been getting tons of fake registrations on our WooCommerce Account page and that plugin stopped them.

    Anyway I found this plugin, read some reviews and thought I’d try it out on our stage site. It’s only just installed there so my excitement is perhaps premature, but I am so excited to see our WPForms contact form reCAPTCHA working again, even on the stage site, that I wanted to let the developers know how grateful I am. I’ll post some more thoughts once I’ve installed it on the live site and tried it out for a few days.

    It was SO easy to install and the directions were also easy to follow. I liked their warning to test on a different browser to ensure you could log in to your site before saving the keys. Great advice!

    Thanks for creating this plugin. I am delighted with it … and you guys for creating it.


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