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  • I am a user of the original plugin that this started off as. Patreon Connect by UIUX. It was pretty featured rich. You could protect images in a directory. Use shortcodes in pages and posts to protect content. Place a connect with patreon button anywhere using a shortcode. You could even protect whole pages and posts. There was documentation that existed as well as examples.

    Honestly, whoever is in charge of this isn’t very bright for stripping this down. Making it basic so others can build off it is fine, but why the heck would you remove so much of the basic functionality that already existed?

    When I saw UIUX say they moved to find out it’s now an official Patreon plugin, I was excited till I tried it. It’s garbage. Now there is no documentation or examples not even for the old version that I PAID for by being a patron for UIUX.

    I don’t recommend this, and quite honestly I am pretty irritated. The least the developer could have done was keep the old documentation and examples up. And whoever the new developer is, I really hope you decide to think again about this whole idea of making it super basic cause currently it’s useless and it sucks. Even for a free plugin it’s just so terrible.

    What was the point of making this an official Patreon plugin, if you were going to strip it down so barebones that it’s useless? If you are going to offer an Offical Patreon plugin, the least you can do is make it so it’s actually worth using and installing. Without having to buy another damned plugin on top of it.

    I wish I could give this a fraction of a star. This is the stench of a cash grab. Make the free plugin useless so the pro version stands out.

    Heck, even the free version of the original Patreon Connect had more features than this crap.

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    Hi there! My name is Tal and I’m the product manager who made these decisions and led the team. Thanks for writing this out – it’s quiet thoughtful and true on many fronts.

    First the bottom line: today we released a version 1.0.2 that re-introduces page locking and login button shortcodes. Image protection is on the way.

    Second: A lot of these features have remained around and still accessible, plus many other premium features, on an interoperable premium plugin called Patron Plugin Pro, found here:

    Backstory/philosophy that users deserve to know: Our goal was to bring the UIUX plugin integration to a wider creator audience – and make the core features free, not as a premium plugin. And implemented slightly better behind the scenes.

    To get as many creators benefiting from the plugin we had a few considerations: creator diversity, simplicity, and security (both behind the scenes, and user level of WordPress knowledge). Our philosophy moving forward is to leave most advanced features to the WordPress ecosystem and let developers sustainably focus on specific creator needs while not overcomplicating the free plugin.

    Also more documentation is coming and in our roadmap – what in particular is missing from our existing docs that you recommend we think about?

    We also actively collect feedback on an ongoing basis and you can join other creators talking about this plugin here:

    I’ll make sure to link this in the main forum on this page so others know about this.

    It’s definitely frustrating to lose functionality – I hope this sheds light on the decision making and philosophy of bringing the functionality to more creators for free, and more securely than before, as fast as we could.

    Final meek ask: If that plus new features changes your rating of our plugin I would be overjoyed if you could upgrade above “half a star” to help new creators feel confident in using this in their membership businesses. And no worries if not, given your bad experience.

    Thank you again, and hopefully see you over on our forums,

    Plugin Author CodeBard


    Hi marchinbunny,

    With version 1.1.0 that we recently released:

    – Image locking feature is in
    – Page locking feature is in
    – Connect with Patreon shortcode is in
    – Any post type can be protected

    If you experience any issues, please just visit our support forum – we got your back:

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