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  • cudak888


    Sometimes, it’s just not worth it to give a fully emotional and invested review of a WordPress plugin, but it’s bad enough to warrant a list of what plain and simply didn’t work:

    A. Something in this plugin makes it display every video image twice – on top of each other or next to each other – when using either of the “Thumbnails Video” presets. It does the same thing on a clean WP install. I could stop right here, because as far as I’m concerned, the plugin is already broken if it can’t operate properly on a clean WP copy without troubleshooting.

    B. This plugin has some of the most ridiculously overcomplex and unattractively styled transitions that I’ve ever witnessed (try Content Popup 1 for some seriously funky stuff). Even the admin section has unnecessary transitions – it’s like they were trying SO hard to make a cool UX that they just threw everything in including the kitchen sink. I’d be here for days trying to cut out all the unnecessary CSS.

    The biggest laugh is that the plugin blurb claims “Video Gallery created for those who realy appreciate the beauty and taste.”

    If your idea of beauty and taste is a rotten egg, perhaps this is for you.

    But for anyone else…


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  • Plugin Author totalsoft


    Hello Dear @cudak888.

    If you have any problems with our plugin you could write us and we will try our best to help You. You could just publish a link for checking the problem. You could help us to make plugin better. In our servers it works well and we can’t find any problems now. If anybody if finding any problems we have support service for solving that problems.
    It’s very easy to put a review and not to recommend for other users, but maybe problem is with server, we can check it. Give us a chance, please.

    Thank You.

    Thread Starter cudak888


    I’ve heard this time and time again from junk plugin authors: “It works fine here,” “it’s probably your server,” and “please help us make our plugin better.”

    Fact is, when a plugin fails to work well on both an existing site with no known issues and a clean copy kept for testing (and for that matter, on both a live and local XAMPP server), then I don’t bother any further. And if the UX annoys me in the process, then it gets a review like this.

    Plus, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked to be someone’s beta tester on my time, I could do this for a living. I gave developers like you “a chance” when I first started. Then I started to realize how much they were wasting my time.

    I’m no super code professional, but I’m familiar enough with HTML, CSS and PHP to know when a plugin is coded around outdated standards that were barely cross-browser compatible five years ago, ignores responsive containers, and works haphazardly at all times.

    If you want nice, shiny 5-star reviews, fix your code to get rid of its problems and meet modern standards. In the meantime, this not-so-flattering review is deserved and stays just the way it is.

    I’m not going to censor my thoughts to the WordPress community for your undeserved benefit, nor spend the rest of my life helping you to fix your plugin so you can continue to publish poor content.

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    I think you just do not like this plug-in. That is of course not bad, but should you show it in this way?
    In the end you do not want this plug-in either, because then you would give a website link to see where the problem is.

    I have learned:
    a complaining customer is a good customer. He is interested, he wants the product, only better. A bad customer complains, is not interested and runs away.

    I think the plug-in is great and everything works fine for me. Of course I could also be very emotional about this, the plug-in will not get better.

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    Thread Starter cudak888


    Of course I don’t like this plugin. Why should I give a negative review to a plugin I like?

    I have an agreement with my client that the site in question remains private. This is why no link has been shared. That’s not the point of this discussion, unless you’re trying to divert the topic. I might point out that you yourself did not share your website’s link in this thread:

    This said, it would interest me to know why you feel compelled to come to the plugin author’s defense and what makes you eligible to rank customers and pass judgment upon me as a so-called “customer.” For one, you are not listed as a developer, for two, these forums are provided so users can share their experiences – not fight over them.

    Fact is, my experience wasn’t as rosy as yours. So be it, that’s why you can leave a five star review if you wish, and I left a one-star review.

    But please, don’t think you can personally attack me just because you feel compelled to defend your experience. It solves nothing and defeats the purpose of this forum.

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