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  • viraladmin


    Specifically if you want visitor tracking, this is likely the worst of all plugins I have tried. I have some point where within my site dashboard it reports 0 views of the post, from the jetpack wordpress it will report under ten, while other plugins are properly reporting over 50 views of the post. There are times it will exclude certain referring url’s while other plugins are properly reporting them. One site sent me over 80 hits one day, where jetpack recorded the hits, didn’t list the site as a referring site at all.

    Overall I can’t trust the hit count, the referrer information, or the per post hit count. This is the case with the latest version of wordpress and release of the plugin, as well as the previous release and version of wordpress.

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  • Plugin Support Tracy


    Thanks for the feedback!

    All statistics tracking plugins collect and report information differently. For example, Jetpack’s stats do not include the visits from logged in users, by default. Many bloggers find this very useful, since your own visits may artificially inflate your traffic counts. If you’d like to count visits from logged-in users on your site, you can modify that setting under Jetpack > Settings > Stats. That might be one explanation for the variance between your other tracking plugin and Jetpack’s.

    Additionally, there are certain search engine robots and spiders that Jetpack doesn’t count, and referrers that are considered spam referrers by Akismet (our spam-catcher) will not be reported in your stats. Other tracking plugins may be less discerning in what they count toward the stats they report to you, and therefore give you greater numbers.

    Since all plugins use different tracking methods, they will rarely, if ever, be perfectly synced in what they report. The benefit of using Jetpack’s stats is that you can see a snapshot of your blog’s activity right from your Dashboard.

    It sounds like you’ve most likely given up on Jetpack, but if you’re willing to give it another try, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always there to help, and we won’t stop until we get you a reasonable answer. You can post here in the forums or email us directly.

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    i do love jetpack and I would never give it up, I just don’t use it for tracking. There are days it reports some links and other days thtose same links are not reported. For example I get a fair amount of hits from cooperative, some days jetpack will report them, and other days the hits coming from that site are not reported.

    I do still use jetpack for the social integrations, the wordpress like button, the auto sharing features – just not the tracking features.

    Plugin Support Tracy


    Thanks for clarifying! This is great news 🙂

    We’d love to take a better look at these inconsistencies for you, and we can even have our data team investigate to find the reason. Feel free to contact us with the site URL if you’d like.

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