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    Awful update. It worked fine before, now there is no way to configure it “Edit General website settings” does absolutely nothing, I can find no way to configure it. This version seems to force leaving an ad saying “Powered by Shareaholic” which for a professional site like ours is unacceptable. I see no way to configure it, the Sharing through Facebook button pops up a “connect account” box that doesn’t work, and all the going through shareaholic now, well, wow, how self serving they have made it and BROKE it completely to. Awful, going to have to remove it if they don’t change or fix it quickly. How can you revert back to the old version or is this even possible? VERY unhappy with this terrible update.

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    Hi @computermagazine!

    • The the two releases fixes the unresponsive “edit general settings” button. If you’re still having issues, please let us know!
    • You can turn off any attribution links under “edit general settings”. They are all configurable.
    • Sharing through facebook now takes you directly to facebook.

    I hope you try the latest update. As always, we love any and all feedback and are here for you!

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