• WPEngine couldn’t even do it and they tried on chat every conceivable way

    We both gave up – shame really but super frustrating you have no way of easily getting in touch

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  • Plugin Contributor vhauri


    @madaboutu Thank you for bringing this experience to our attention!

    For a bit of context, we provide support escalation for WP Engine directly as part of our shared offering, to ensure you get the same high-quality support from subject matter experts in ElasticPress as you do when it comes to hosting. We did a quick check back in our ticket queue for the last few days, but don’t see any tickets that immediately jump out at us as being an escalation of your issue, so I’m guessing that perhaps the escalation didn’t happen for some reason. If WP Engine’s support wasn’t able to solve the issue, we can certainly help out!

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you provide any additional context (such as the URL of the site in question) directly to us via email at inquiries@elasticpress.io? This will help us track down the support ticket with our partners at WP Engine and determine if there are additional steps we can take to help integrate ElasticPress with your site.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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