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  • It has become extremely annoying for me to post a WordPress blog. Tabs and returns are often not recognized in the text body, and the code works willy-nilly: I’ll type in an image url and the editor simply fails to show the image sometimes. I’m using a Safari browser on a Mac – hardly an obscure internet browser. Why is this being so difficult for me? Emailing me any feedback on this would be appreciated:

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  • Also, the viewable window in the text editor is full of bugs. Now the ‘code’ tab shows images, etc. just like the ‘visual’ tab. Maybe WordPress should come out with a working text editor before they begin touting their ability as a blog program? I understand that the service is free – but maybe it’s a good idea to test the bugs before offering this service to people?

    I don’t use the visual editor.

    It can be turned off in the user profiles of your blog.

    I use an offline editor, automatic backup of the file, and then copy and paste.

    Thanks, I’m going to do that. As of 12:15 est today, the visual editor now will not recognize the ‘visual’ and ‘code’ tabs in Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox browsers. It is also posting completely different text formats that what I posted. What a crappy blog program.

    There are several plugins for the visual editor – the WP text editor is basically a version of TinyMCE, and there are other versions out there.

    I agree, the text editor is not very good, but you can replace it or modify it.

    By the way, try ALT-SHIFT-V for extra useful buttons. Why they are hidden so obscurely is strange to me.

    Also, if something is going wrong, I always check the code view — you only need to know the most basic HTML tags (about 1 hour to learn) to check that everything is tagged the way it is supposed to be.

    Oh, PS — just re-read your post about using Safari… yeah, the TinyMCE editor is not very good in Safari. My understanding is that the fault lies with Safari, not the editor, in this case. If you search, you’ll find many entries on the web and here about this.

    I agree, the text editor is not very good, but you can replace it or modify it.

    Yes, exactly. Can you please tell me how to replace it? I am now unable to save my work, even though I downloaded version 2.3. This is frustrating and ridiculous.

    If this problem is happening in Safari, I suggest downloading Firefox and see if you are having the same problem in Firefox. Then at least you know it’s a browser issue.

    Otherwise, you should Google “wordpress visual editor plugin” or “wordpress visual editor alternative” etc. I have seen several when I looked for this before.

    don’t use a mac!


    or learn that safari is not compatible with everything, and sometimes you need to use firefox. i do too.
    or you learn html and forget clickydorky editors and code manually.
    you might also try to re-think your world, where not everything is made to work for you. sometimes you have to adapt and think outside your set parameters to get things done.
    you could also just not use wordpress, that’ll save you a lot of trouble 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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