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  • So you thought you’d use WooCommerce and give your customer a great e-commerce website? Cool. Everything looks good until there is a technical problem. Then you can forget about it! In my opinion, WooCommerce tech support is terrible/non-existent. First, just to file a tech ticket you have to create a account in an effort to force you into that whole monetary mess. Then once you file the ticket you’re left twisting in the wind. They say “someone” will respond within 24 hours but that’s just to make you feel good.

    My experience has been several days or longer. Right now I am going on 2 days with no response since filing the ticket. I thought I might be unlucky but when you go on their facebook page: WooCommerce Facebook page you’ll see other pissed off customers crashing regular threads BEGGING FOR TECH SUPPORT.

    Greed destroys companies with poor customer support! WooCommerce will be a business whitepaper in this very soon. Run like hell! Use something else and don’t let your reputation get burned by them.

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  • I completely agree.
    The WooCommerce support is quite painful: the 24 hours they promise is simply false and misleading.
    If you have any problem, then you have to prepare to be very-very patient (the people at the other side often doesn’t understand your reported problem, so you have to wait some other days after your next clarification!).
    You have to consider carefully if it’s worth spending a lot of time developing a Woo Commerce site and get stuck in problems for many days, having your site broken.
    Yes, they destroyed a good product.

    I don’t entirely agree, but I do understand the frustration and can relate.

    I think the core issue here is, WooCommerce is free-ish, and the extensions are too cheap to provide incentive enough to resolve the issue quickly.

    WooCommerce support, often blames other extensions/plugins, even when it’s clear what is causing the issue, but WooCommerce Support also sticks with the issue until it is resolved.

    A premium support option is needed. This an e-commerce system, with people spending money, who get upset when they spend money and don’t get what they expect (because of a technical issue).

    Still a big WooCommerce fan though 😉

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