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  • vicegodgiarc


    Bookly “core” 17.6 is broken so rollback to 17.5 and working fine.

    Support is needs to be paid for. Yes so if you update breaks and your paid support has run out, dont expect a fix until you renew your “Support”
    Quote “Im afraid your item support for Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System has ended on xxx. Could you please renew it, so I can go ahead and help you with your concern?” – go %^&* yourselves. The “core” was broken, not Pro. If you tested your code and releases this would not happen.
    Not the first time I have had issues. Read the other reviews for an understanding of “supprt” and “feature changes”
    They dont test code releases or update change documents very well.
    I hate upating this crap as the updates need a full end to end test to check functionality is still available.
    Yes its “great” software but comes with a heavy time consuming “price”

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  • TheSickle


    Yesss thank you for this. I have been reporting and complaining about their Horrible support for months now.

    Exactly the same things they said to me as well. They do not do any code testing, there is no QA in place, they launch codes and simply destroy the plugin with each update, they release fixes, but brake other things.

    Bugs are not being fixed unless you report them on the community page and get enough votes, if there are not enough votes BUGs will simply stay in the code. They literally ask you to have paid support, just so you can report bugs and issues which will never get fixed. For 2 years I have seen close to no improvement, but rather degradation in the services even more.

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    Plugin Author Bookly



    We’d like to help you here but we can’t. We cannot provide any support for the PRO version here. Please contact us directly on our site. I am sure we will have no problem supporting you on our own site.



    Hello Bookly, as I mentioned, this had nothing to do with PRO
    It had to do with the fact that 17.6 was broken and you just ignored our support requests and quietly rolled back to 17.5 without an appology or a note to say 17.6 is broken.

    I am all praise for good customer support and great products. Bookly is a GREAT product, but as others have said, your support is terrible and update releases are sometimes buggy.

    I’ll say it again BOOKLY IS A 5 Star product – the only issue is I HAVE to to a full end to end test to confirm everything is working when I update the plugins.

    Plugin Author Bookly


    Hello. We never release update only for free version, each Bookly item is connected to another and all Bookly items should be updated along with the core plugin. Which means that Bookly 17.6 won’t be working correctly with Pro 2.0, it requires the next version – Pro 2.1. If all your Bookly products are up to date and you still experience issues, please contact us directly on our site as we are not allowed to provide support here.

    Possibly a hitch in the plugin services, because the additional plugins were not available at the release of 17.6?

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