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  • WooCommerce is initially a very attractive plugin, but I discovered that unless you buy a plugin or a theme from WooThemes you cant access their support forum. More Premium than Freemium.

    This just leaves the WordPress Plugin Support forum. Scrolling through reveals the extent of unanswered questions. I appreciate lots are duplicates or are from noobs (like myself) but I think someone from WooThemes should make a concerted effort to answer the backlog, because at the moment answers seem to be sporadic and at the charity of others. i.e. you’ve got from a slim to no chance of getting an answer to your question.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    This is a community forum. Although we do troll the forums and help when we can, our primary focus has to be supporting actual customers.

    If you have a valid bug report we look at those on github and fix. If however you want help with customisation, which lets face it most requests on .org are, you should’t expect to be entitled to help.

    R/e he topic you replied to (about shortcodes) if you read the changelog/release notes you’ll see those shortcodes are gone in favour of endpoints. e.g. change password you can access from the ‘my account’ page. No shortcode nor page is required any more.

    Although we do troll the forums

    – ha ha freudian slip??? 🙂

    Well if you offer a free version of a plugin with the hope that people will upgrade to the paid version wouldn’t it be prudent to provide adequate support for the free version? otherwise you’ll have a low conversion rate. This should be core to your business plan not an after thought.

    I am not alone in stating my dissatisfaction at WooCommerce’s last release. Seems it wasn’t supported very well.

    I did read your sparse release notes, I even posted a question over at Remi Corson’s blog asking for help. (no reply!) If I was tasked with writing release notes they would be of a sufficient quality that other people could read and understand them, instead of having to scratch around on the net for an answer.

    Answer me this if you have replaced shortcodes with endpoints why does WooCommerce create “dead” pages, shouldn’t it install less pages now? Is that not a valid bug? Its certainly misleading.

    Afterwards when people complain there seems to be a bad attitude of “you lot are not paying customers”, how endearing!

    I would give you zero stars if WordPress allowed.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    I’m pretty sure this sums up your feelings for this plugin and there’s not really anything that needs saying after that right?

    I would give you zero stars if WordPress allowed.

    I’ll close this review as this isn’t productive and you’ve clearly made up your mind. That’s fine BTW and no one has to use or be satisfied with all of the plugins available.

    Like all of the plugins in the repository this one is free and there are others. Support for plugins has always been optional and this plugin is supported here by the author and lots of other people.

    That said I really encourage you to move onto another solution. This one just isn’t working out for you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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