• As web developers, we’re always on the lookout for tools that can streamline our workflow and help us deliver top-notch results to our clients. Unfortunately, our experience with the Estatik plugin has been anything but positive, and we feel compelled to warn our fellow developers about the potential pitfalls of using this product.

    When we first came across the Estatik plugin, it was advertised as a powerful solution that would simplify our process for including real estate listings on a client’s website. We decided to invest in the plugin, hoping it would give us a competitive edge and attract additional clientele. However, from the moment we implemented Estatik, it became clear that the reality fell far short of what was promised.

    Estatik advertised the ability to pull real MLS data and work with multiple RETS profiles, however, we were unable to see this in action due to MLS data not pulling correctly or at all in some cases. We were never able to use the plugin on our client’s live site because the MLS data was incomplete. Our team completed as much troubleshooting as possible and complied with providing login information for Estatik to access the website, which did not result in any solutions.

    We also experience a lack of adequate support from the Estatik team, compounding our frustrations. Despite reaching out to their customer service to report the issues we were experiencing and seek assistance, we never received a resolution and the responses provided were untimely and generic. The lack of timely and meaningful support only exacerbated the problems we were facing, causing us to miss critical deadlines and potentially jeopardizing our relationships with clients.

    We have chosen to cancel our subscription less than six months after purchasing. Because we have not been able to use the plugin as advertised, the product itself did not work, and customer service was not helpful in finding a solution, we have requested a full refund from Estatik, which Estatik has denied. Since we began working with Estatik in March 2024, we noticed that they have changed their refund policy multiple times.

    Given the significant discrepancy between the advertised capabilities of the Estatik plugin and its actual performance, as well as the inadequate support we received, we cannot recommend this product to our fellow web developers. The time and resources invested in implementing and troubleshooting the plugin have proven to be a costly endeavor ($649 alone for set up with yearly renewal fees of $299 had we stayed), with nothing to show for it.

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