• Makes you sign up for an account on a 3rd party website instead of allowing you to just manage settings from the WP admin area.

    The website it sends you off to tries to make you use URL’s to send a user to when they are blocked instead of just allowing you to show some simple message like “access is blocked”

    The reason this gets 1 start is the 3rd party website signup which is completely unnecessary and feels like a data farming excuse and a reason to try and push to to buy a subscription to the “pro” version.

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  • Plugin Author IP Address Approval


    1. You DO manage the settings in the Plugin, in the WordPress Admin. Yes we DO provide a service, outside of WordPress, and our Plugin allows you to easily add that service to your WordPress Website where you can manage the settings. (just like lots of other services do)

    • As noted in the Arbitrary Section: Please Note: You need to Create a User Account on our website https://www.ip-approval.com, and add your IP Approval Credentials to the Plugin, before it will work.
    • 2. “tries to make you use URL’s to send a user to” ~No, actually we generate the pages ON YOUR SITE, and even add a message for you, but you do have the option to send them elsewhere.

      3. A poor rating, because of your lack of want or understanding, shouldn’t be a reflection of our plugin.

      4. You are welcome to use the free version of our service, just like 1000’s of other people. We have yet to send an email to our user base suggesting (or asking) that they upgrade. That said, you can even unsubscribe from receiving any emails from us.

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