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  • Even wth the Pro version, it won’t remember the currency that’s been selected and randomly switches the selected currency. Sometimes it defaults to a random currency like Chinese yuan for site visitors which makes us look really unprofessional. Developer seems to not care about support, with a support ticket open for almost 3 weeks.

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    You say we “[do] not care”, citing as evidence that your support ticket has been open for almost 3 weeks, as if to imply nothing has been done during this time. That is simply not true.

    You opened your support ticket on November 25th, and received the first reply from us on the very same day.

    Since that time, there have been numerous messages exchanged between yourself and us. To summarize, the conversation has progressed as follows:

    1) We found you were using an old version of our plugin, so we asked you to update it.

    2) This led to a licensing issue, because you had purchased our plugin from a 3rd party seller (WPFactory). So we manually copied over your account information and generated a license key for you, so you could get updates directly from us.

    3) After you updated, the issue was still present on your site, so we began further investigation. I personally visited your site and witnessed the issue occurring there. However we were not able to reproduce the same problem on our site or anywhere else.

    4) We even, with your permission, cloned a duplicate of your site for further analysis. The cloned site worked correctly — it did not reproduce the problem we saw on your main site. Since the clone was identical in every way except for residing on a different server, this led us to believe the issue must be something to do with your server specifically.

    5) Since your main server is using Varnish caching, we speculated this might not be configured 100% correctly on your server, causing the issue you described. However we are not server experts, and since we don’t have access to your server we can only guess. Ultimately this is a problem that your host would have to solve.

    So to recap, over the last 3 weeks my support team and I have spent several hours communicating with you and investigating your issue. We could not reproduce the problem on any other site, including the clone we made. Based on this we believe the problem is not anything to do with our code; rather it must be something specifically to do with your server, which only your host can solve.

    If you still believe our product and support are “terrible” and deserving of a bad review, that’s your right. But I must say it’s very disheartening, after we’ve done everything in our power to help, for what is ultimately a hosting issue.

    David Grant
    Lead Developer

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    Sorry to be harsh, but the choice to implement your product has been a major embarrassment for our company. I stand by my review…I say you don’t care because the dialogue accomplished in 3 weeks could have taken about 3 days, on more than one occasion I would wait 5 days for a reply. I ruled out Varnish as the culprit and demonstrated that to you, and had the host confirm that there’s nothing wrong with the server, and a competing plugin installed on another site on the same server works fine. The only conclusion remaining is that your plugin is incompatible with something else. While that is not unacceptable, dragging out your diagnosis over 3 weeks and taking days to answer is not worthy of a good review.

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    Wow, you obviously have a lot of anger towards us. I don’t believe we’ve done anything to deserve that.

    It’s true there was a delay during the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. We were closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving, and we don’t work on the weekends. I would hope you would be understanding of this.

    Unfortunately your argument is not logical, because if there is “nothing wrong with the server” as you say, then why did the duplicate copy of your site function correctly? If the code is identical but you change servers and suddenly it starts working correctly, then logically it must be an issue with your server. There is no other way to look at this.

    If there really were such a horrible problem with our code as you claim, don’t you think we’d be flooded with bad reviews about it? We have over 5000 active users and no other reports of anything like the issue described, so that’s further proof the issue is not with us.

    I’m glad you found another product to use. I just hope the next time you run into issues with a plugin, that you don’t take it out on the developers who are simply trying to help you.

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    6 of the 28 currently posted reviews are also complaining about lacking support. While I’m only speculating, I’ll bet they sought support because of similar issues to what I experienced.

    Plugin Author WP Wham


    Of the 6 bad reviews you mention, 1 is yours. 3 are from over a year ago, during the previous developer of the plugin. Of the remaining 2, one says “clashes with my theme” with no details given, and the other is from somebody who never even opened a support ticket.

    Does it make you feel righteous to punish us, despite doing our best to help you?

    Would you like it if I speculated why 5 of the 18 reviews you have written are 1-star?

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