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  • My WordPress updated to new version – 3.1.2.

    All plugins including NextGEN successfully updated their code and database schema to newer versions. All, except darn WPML (WPML Multilingual CMS).

    Plugin auther says that his plugin IS GOING COMMERCIAL.
    And now my website does not work!

    @wplm (plugin author) is far from user-friendly speech and says that he placed a description about incompatibles with 3.1.2.

    Ok, than GIVE ME A TOOL that would export all my multilingual content from your *** WPML to another plugin, f.e. qTranslate!

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  • Terrible plugin! I’ll never use it

    I agree with! We should not promote more! Please remove the plugin from the directory.

    just investigate WPML alternatives e.g. qTranslate, ZdMultiLang, Language Switcher WordPress Plugin, xLanguage

    Plugin Author Amir Helzer


    Hi chrisdevida, nice list of multilingual plugins.

    Did you notice that most authors discontinued the development of the plugins listed listed there?

    Maybe it’s because this development is extremely expensive and without any revenue it’s just impossible?

    WPML is not discontinued. It just moved from free on to paid on This was done out of necessity. We had two choices – find something else to do, or charge money for our work. We chose the 2nd option.

    Qian (qTranslate author) will soon be out of university, get married and have kids (house, mortgage, medical expenses, day care, etc.). Then, it’s going to be interesting to see how qTranslate remains free and maintained.

    For $79 you can get WPML with complete support and know that there are 3 developers working on it full-time. If you can explain to me how this is possible without revenue, I’ll be very happy to learn.

    Its right, what You say. But plugin price is too much high. We must buy not only WPML. ?n-plugin x $79 = $ expensive

    Plugin Author Amir Helzer


    arni, with all due respect, there are very few plugins as complex as WPML.

    The only other one which I’m familiar with, and I would be glad to pay for (and get proper support) would be W3TC.

    What are your ‘n’ examples?

    * Require someone developing in full-time capacity
    * Not portable – will require significant engineering time to replace
    * Provide unique functionality that’s difficult to build yourself

    Let’s list some of the plugins that you consider for this.

    Agree, this is gross.

    To catch innocent people unarmed?
    When they have unsuccessfully auto-upgraded forcing them through painful rollback?

    How more unethical this could be?




    I think the issue is not your charging for plugins, but rather that when you started charging, you didn’t provide an exit path.

    I’m pretty happy with wpml, despite their awful support forum …
    but of course, that will be better if the multilanguage option will be in the WP core code …
    One the other hand, due to the licence, each of us should fork wpml and improve it … I’ve just not the necessary skills and free time for that …

    WPML prefers to eject a client than to answers support questions in their forum…

    Amazing behavior….

    Amir, have you been invited to Qin Qian’s wedding?

    [edit: of course, i may be shooting myself in the foot, as it looks like WordPress multi-language will be a wpml monopoly]

    Plugin Author Amir Helzer


    We have a simple refunds policy. When a client requests a refund, we issue a refund right away.

    Sometimes (very very rarely), people say that they want a refund, but actually don’t need it at that second.

    In order to make everyone happy, we issue refunds immediately. If we’re doing that by mistake, on very rare events, it’s due to mis-communication and not bad intentions. As we’re human, that happens too.

    Sorry. I didn’t understand the comment about Qin Qian’s wedding.

    i’m just sad i had to go to full confrontational mode to receive a proper technical response (by email, after refunding) to a serious bug that was reported 1 month before i experienced it

    Qian (qTranslate author) will soon be out of university, get married and have kids (house, mortgage, medical expenses, day care, etc.). Then, it’s going to be interesting to see how qTranslate remains free and maintained.

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