• My experience with ProfilePress was an absolute nightmare. I had set up different subscription levels with free trial periods, and due to a flaw in the plugin, subscriptions were created for our users without their payment methods making it to our payment processor Stripe. Subscribers thought they had active subscriptions until Stripe cancelled their subscriptions due to non-payment. I brought this issue to the attention of the plugin developers, who immediately blamed the users and claimed that the users must have deleted their payment methods themselves. I had to fight with the developers to look into the issue, and eventually they did and admitted to the issue and created a patch for it. I tested the subscriptions again, and everything was working correctly. Then, when the developers rolled out the next update for the plugin, the patch for our issue had been removed, and once again we had subscriptions being created with no way to charge users for them. Once again I brought this to the attention of the developers, and once again they blamed the users for the exact same thing they had fixed not that long ago. After proving that this issue was happening again when I created a test subscription, they admitted that the inadvertently removed the patch during the last update. The developers asked for access to my website to inspect the plugin code, and ended up breaking the website – I had to restore the site from a backup. This series of issues played out over the course of a couple of months, and damaged the reputation of my website and brand.

    I’ve opted to not use ProfilePress anymore due to the extreme negligence of its developers, who are also refusing to provide a refund. 0 starts if I could.

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  • Plugin Author Collins Agbonghama


    ProfilePress developer here. In case you are reading this.

    This customer had an issue where the free trial did not carry over the customer’s payment method.

    We implemented the free trial fix on their site, which he confirmed worked on their website, but sadly, there was a regression where our subsequent update failed to include the fix.

    The OP informed us of this, and I quickly tried to use the file editor in WordPress to implement the fix, but it wasn’t present on your site.

    I had to find another way, which was to install a file manager plugin. It was only after I activated the plugin that caused their website to be down that I suddenly realized that the Defender plugin active on their site had likely removed the file editor.

    Since I didn’t have FTP access to your server, I couldn’t bring it back up. The customer informed us of this, and I quickly tried to use the file editor in WordPress to implement the fix, immediately released the update with the fix and once the OP got back to us, I explained to him and also told him to update to the latest update.

    OP can testify to my swift/prompt responses to his email.

    We have a policy of not issuing a refund unless there is a problem with our plugin and we aren’t able to fix it.

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