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  • I purchased a licence for the Pro Pack from their website. Not only was I provided with an older version of the plugin (3.1.3), but the licence key wouldn’t validate. I couldn’t even access the basic (free) parts of the plugin; I was met with permission denied screens even though I was the admin.

    I figured the license issue was just a mistake so I went to their website to see if I could get some support or contact them but they make it impossible. First you have to pay for a “support subscription” before they’ll even respond to you. This isn’t support; this is me trying to turn it on. I purchased a product and it doesn’t work. I’m not asking for help on how to use it or how to modify certain functionality. I don’t even have the opportunity to use it.

    They offer a support forum but every time I try to access it I am met with a login screen. There’s no place to register. You can’t access any of the threads or topics. There’s a link in the back-end of WordPress for the plugin to register for the forum but again, it just sends me to the login screen. I tried the credentials I created when registering with the company for the download, but they don’t work.

    Furthermore, when I tried to update the plugin (since the download link I was provided with was an old version) through the back-end of WordPress it failed and deleted the plugin. Really? Come on.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    AMENDMENT: I worked with the developer and the issue was solved. I am now happily using the plugin and recommend it to anyone looking for a store locator on their site. The plugin works well and I’d like to thank the developer for taking the time to help me fix the issue.

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    As noted in my email communication with you –

    The support forums are right here on WordPress as noted in multiple locations including the Read Me right here on WordPress, the How To Use file, and on the website.

    The latest version of the plugin is listed right here on WordPress and readily available. The download from the website is also 3.6.2 UNLESS you are somehow going to the defunct Cyber Sprocket Labs website (which last I knew had no products listed).

    Any version prior to 3.3 is from Cyber Sprocket Labs NOT CSA and will not validate properly.

    Free support is readily available in the online forums at WordPress. If you view the threads you will see I am very active on responding to requests other than last week when I was on vacation (which I posted to notify people response times may be slow). If you have problems registering & logging in to the forums on WordPress (which is odd since you posted this review) then you need to contact the WordPress team about that. I have no control over the support access here.

    As for updating the plugin and having it fail/delete, that is a WordPress core engine issue NOT a plugin issue. The plugin and updates are published via the standard WordPress svn repository and publication process. The latest version was updated on over 3,000 sites last week with nobody reporting a “deleted plugin”.

    Sorry you had so many problems, but that is beauty of an open marketplace like this. There are plenty of other options that may work better for your mix of themes and plugins. Also, if you happened to purchase any of the premium add-on packages I offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Simply ask for a refund and I issue it immediately. I don’t recall seeing such a request but have no reservations about refunding ANY purchase.

    I want people to be happy with the product and do not hold funds hostage. That is not good for anyone.

    Good luck in your search for the right store location plugin for your site.

    – LC

    Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it.

    I am also really glad you emailed me but I have however not received any emails from Charleston Software Associates. I checked with my manager whose email was used when purchasing the plugin and he has not received any either. We have a “no spam” filter put in for all our email accounts (but checked anyway). It is likely you have the wrong email address. Is there a way for us to communicate privately so I can give you my email address and you can forward the email you sent?

    Regarding purchasing from Charleston Software Associates vs. Cyber Sprocket Labs, I purchased and downloaded the plugin from More specifically, from Additionally, all the emails I received from purchasing the plugin were from, which is also the same domain I received my email when I filled in the contact form. Up until that point the name “Cyber Sprocket Labs” never showed up anywhere.

    The plugin in the back-end of WordPress does say Cyber Sprocket Labs but as I mentioned above I downloaded it from my account with Charleston Software Associates. Needless to say this has generated a great deal of confusion. If I am not to have purchased the plugin from that website where should I have purchased it from (and why are payments being accepted)?

    Please note I would also like to use the software. I just need a valid license key. How should I go about getting one? If I am unable to have this resolved by the end of Sunday then I will unfortunately have to take advantage of the money-back guarantee. I would however prefer to use the software is it looks to be the best fit for what I am trying to accomplish.

    I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    The email had the same points noted here. However if you wish to contact me directly please use I don’t want to post my email address here due to the spam-bots.

    Cyber Sprocket Labs is closed. All Store Locator Plus transactions should be through CSA ( If you were getting the older version of SLP (something prior to 3.1.3) then you have also run into the Woocommerce anomaly. Some customers either do not see any download link OR they continue to get the old download link even after I’ve updated the product information to include the new files. I’ve been working with Woo to track this down but it is intermittent which makes it very hard to track down and fix. I *think* it is a problem in Woocommerce but can’t be certain until we reproduce the issue.

    Regardless, you should get the latest version of the plugin here:
    You can deactivate, delete, and re-install if necessary. Any locations will be retained if you ever got it to work in the first place. It should work just like any other plugin.

    As for the license key, first check to make sure it can be found using the original PayPal purchase email. has a license lookup. If you provide me the last part of your email address (the domain name) I can also look it up and test it, as well as communicate back to that address.

    You can test a license key for the Pro Pack add-on by using a URL like this:

    Replace _YOUR_KEY_HERE_ with your license key. This link should return “true”. If it does your license is valid and the Pro Pack add-on should activate when you enter the license key on the General Settings page. Remember, you MUST have SLP version 3.3 or higher installed for the validation to work. Prior versions check against the CSL server which is offline (or will be soon).

    Again, reach me via the contact form on the site or even via the support forums here. I am back from vacation and checking/updating regularly.

    Also, if we can resolve this I would be grateful if you can update your review title and/or rating. Having a negative review like this as the very first review on the new WordPress system really hurts downloads. Low traffic means low add-on sales. If the trend continues I won’t be able to afford to continue development and support of the WordPress plugins I work on.

    – L

    I was able to get everything sorted out and the plugin works well. I’d like to thank the developer for taking the time to help me fix the issue I was having. In the end everything worked out.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Glad we could finally sort things out. Your initial communication went to spam just before I want away on vacation so there was an unusual delay in responding. Let me know if there is anything else you need!

    Hey, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Is there any way to validate the license on a previous version. I had to modify the form and map layout to match a clients specifications. When I tried these changes in the newer version it was not compatible. I checked my license through the validation link and it works correctly. Just not in the backend because I am using 2.4.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    @ericglasser – you really should be posting on the support threads:

    License will not validate on anything older than SLP 3.3. The Cyber Sprocket servers will be gone someday so you will likely need to upgrade.

    The CSS/HTML is significantly different in newer releases, even as late as 3.7.6 as more work is going into making it easier to modify the UI without hacking code.

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