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  • Hover your mouse pointer over ‘appearance’ in your WordPress admin and you’ll see ‘Lightbox Plus Colorbox’ as a sub menu item.

    All the controls you need are in there.

    I agree with John. There is total lack of clarity as to how the plugin actually interfaces with specific content. It would appear that I can put custom content in a lightbox. But how to do this is a mystery.


    There is total lack of clarity as to how the plugin actually interfaces with specific content.

    I’m a little confused… have you guys properly looked through the plugin’s settings, etc?

    Have you looked at the tabs labelled ‘usage’?

    Have you seen these instructions…?

    The following example shows how to setup content for display in a lightbox. You will need to create a link to the content that contains a class that has the same value as the Link Class for the inline lightbox you are using.
    Inline HTML Link Name

    You will also need to set up a div element to contain you content. The div element that contains the content must contains have and id with a value of the Content ID for the inline light box you are using. Finally if you want the content to be hidden until the visitor clicks the link, wrap the content div with another div and set the value for style to display:none or assign a class that has display:none for a property

    <div style=”display:none”>
    <div id=”lbp-inline-href-1″ style=”padding: 10px;background: #fff”>
    Inline Content Goes Here

    I’m no expert at this, or any other web stuff for that matter, but… I am persistent and will experiment with something for a while to see if I can figure it out.

    If I can’t, then I’ll reluctantly go looking for help.

    All I’m saying is… I’ll go a ways down the road with something, get some help along the way if I have to… before I’ll just write something off as being terrible and tell others to avoid it.

    This plugin does work. It takes a little work to get to grips with it, but no more than plenty other plugins I’ve come across.

    Don’t forget… like a huge number of other plugins… it’s free, made by someone who believes they’re contributing to the WordPress community.

    I obviously can’t speak for the creator but, he does clearly state in one of the sticky posts at the top that he’s a one man band and only has limited time for support issues.

    In the meantime… we can help each other out.

    Describe a problem… ask a question… don’t just say ‘it doesn’t work, it’s rubbish’.

    I’m sorry John, but it really sounds like you hadn’t read through the instructions as your post seems to suggest the plugin is devoid of any instructions whatsoever, which simply isn’t true.

    If you couldn’t find a menu item added to your dashboard for the plugin, then it didn’t install properly, and you’d need to reinstall it.

    Anyway… I’m happy to share what I’ve learned of it and answer questions if I can.

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    It’s not complicated. In most cases you needn’t do anything except activate the plugin and set some basic settings as to how big of a lightbox you want and the plugin does the rest. If you are trying to put custom content in a lightbox you might have gotten further by clicking on the little help icons next to each setting. For example

    Use Secondary Lightbox: If checked, Lightbox Plus Colorbox will create a secondary lightbox with an additional set of controls. This secondary lightbox can be used to create inline or iFramed content using a class to specify the content. Default: Unchecked

    Add Inline Lightboxes: If checked, Lightbox Plus Colorbox will add the selected number of additional lightboxes that you can use to manuall add inline lightboxed content to. Additional controls will be available at the bottom of the Lightbox Plus Colorbox admin page. Default: Unchecked

    Once you get that far and tick those off more options are displayed with instructions on how to use them to manually insert content. They are deliberately hidden because for most uses the basic setting which are automatic are sufficient for most people. Additionally there are multiple examples at the Lightbox Plus for WordPress Demos page of how to use secondary and inline lightboxes for custom content.

    As for you Mr. Zakharia, I find it quite strange that you have gone, rather obsessively, out of your way to post about how “terrible” the plugin is in so many places including here, Facebook, Google+, probably twitter and who knows where else. If you don’t like the plugin, don’t use it but otherwise leave off. It’s free, as in speech, which does not include support or even that I be clear in how to use the software.

    I’m one person working on this, I make virtually no money from it, I get the occasional donation and that’s about it. I have other responsibilities which take precedence over development of this plugin and, generally, when time allows, development takes precedence over documentation. If you’d like to write comprehensive documentation for it I would love to have the help.

    So rather than complain about how terrible it is, you might ask what you can do to make it better as seem to be rather interested in its functionality.

    I agree!! To be slamming a free plugin that actually works for thousands of people because you can’t get it to work for yourself is absurd.

    Don’t use it it doesn’t work for you – or learn how to use it without being abusive or defamatory towards the creator!

    How many plugins require us to add HTML ?

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