• Who designed this terrible UI? Its unusable. Did You tried to use it to something more complex then few paragraphs in order? Take a look into builders that already on market and learn something. This don’t belong even close to core. And using JS to register and render blocks just to be cool kid is stupid. And its not even backwards compatible…

    You think that its so good idea? Go independent, keep this as plugin and fight for market with other builders.

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    First, thanks for taking time to leave a review. Every review matters as the product is being worked on. In creating Gutenberg a lot of research as you mention has happened, which is great as it has influenced the product you see today. It continues to evolve though through feedback and iteration.

    May I ask what products out there right now are ones you’d hold up as getting the experience right?

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    I would say any current top builder from Visual Composer or Divi. As Gutenberg is not simply updated WYSWIG editor for content only but rework of how we create/manage post etc and it will compete with them – it needs to be at least that powerful.

    Its long in the oven and only now we get columns in experimental? How long will we have to wait for rows?

    What about the expandability of Gutenberg? As registering block’s via JS limit how we can interact with input/output of blocks? We need actions and filters.

    Gutenberg needs to be backward compatible with what we currently have, not causing stupid issues that come out of changing how we render edit page. That’s simply too big price to pay for a new editor.

    I agree that WordPress needs the new editor, but maybe do it the right way? With community. And as You see there are many angry voices about this one.

    We need proper extensive documentation for it before it goes even close to the core.

    Right now it’s a mess that You are holding over our heads, and we don’t know how to plan future projects and how to prepare old ones for this one to hit the fan.

    Give out the idea of the core right now, finish it as the plugin and put out there for long and proper testing. And then maybe think about core when its actual upgrade to good old WYSWIG.

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