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  • I have installed and configured Ignition Deck for several clients, and my review of it is: it sucks. Big time.

    If you’re looking for a crowdfunding plugin, don’t even bother with Ignition Deck. It is a terrible product full of bugs. The company created a quickstart guide and other documentation, but it’s out of date, and even when you point out the shortfalls of their documentation, they don’t bother correct it.

    The only think more frustrating than trying to get their crappy software to actually work on your own is getting customer/tech support from them. It’s almost non-existent. Their “support” is an online forum, which seems to be managed by one employee at a time. If you have a problem to be resolved, be ready to wait anywhere from 2 days to one week in order for that to happen. You can’t google your issue, either, because they lock all of their answers behind a paid membership forum.

    If warnings against their poorly functioning software and lackluster documentation and support doesn’t convince you to keep walking, their pricing structure might. Be forewarned: if you buy Ignition Deck license, you are only buying a year of “support” and updates, although as discussed above, the support is so ridiculously subpar that there’s not much difference on that front.

    My experience with Ignition deck has been so uniformly negative that I would not ever even bother with anything else this group ever creates.

    For every negative review, someone at ID responds and acts like they want to make things better, yet a consistent thread of dissatisfaction among the negative reviews has been their poor customer service. if they actually gave a dang about that, they’d have improved by now. Either they don’t care, or they have improved….which is an even scarier prospect.

    If you want a product that you can get up and running quickly, DO NOT choose Ignition Deck.

    If you want a product that works logically, DO NOT choose Ignition Deck.

    If you expect to actually get support for the software you paid for (and it’s quite expensive), DO NOT choose Ignition Deck.

    Save your money, time, and sanity and choose a different option.

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  • Hi @plainjane. I’m sorry to hear of your negative experience with our product. I’d like to take the time to write a thorough reply that addresses all of your issues, but in the meantime, wanted to see if you could point us to a specific ticket that you felt was not handled properly, and/or the parts of the documentation that frustrated you most?


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