• This plugin is useless and was a complete waste of money for me! I purchased the paid version through Woocommerce’s website. I have had one issue after another with it and have permanently deactivated and uninstalled it. First, it was causing a product to be added twice to the shopping cart for some reason. When the plugin was activated, each time I clicked ‘add to cart’ on a product page, it would add to cart, seem to immediately refresh the page, and then add the product again, putting 2 of that product in the shopping cart. I contacted support, and they were able to fix that.

    At the time support was working on the first issue, I realized one of the 3 disclaimers I had active for a specific category of products wasn’t working. It simply did not show up even though the disclaimer was active and assigned to that category. They fixed this issue at the same time as the first problem.

    The main reason I wanted this plugin was to put a disclaimer on a few specific product pages. I sell garden seeds, and a few are toxic to humans and pets. I wanted this to be displayed prominently on those specific products. So I went through to add the disclaimer, selecting to display it on a product page, and I typed in and selected from the list the 4 specific products for the disclaimer to appear on. It did not display it on the specific products I had selected for that disclaimer. It was displaying the disclaimer on EVERY product page. WHY?! There is a place when adding the disclaimer to select specific products to show it on, so why is it showing on all product pages?!

    I first wrote support about that issue on Dec 6, 2021, and to this day, that issue has not been resolved. They have stopped responding to me. I found a workaround by creating specific product categories for those particular products, which is not how I wanted to do it but whatever.

    Problem #4 was just discovered today (1/10/22) when I decided to jump in and start advertising my site and a customer notified me they were unable to add products to their cart. So now the plugin is preventing customers from adding any products to the cart. Clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button does absolutely nothing – whether a disclaimer is showing on that product page or not. I know it is this plugin because as soon as I deactivated it, the website worked as it should. I am done with this plugin!

    What a waste of $49 that I cannot get back since it is past the time frame where Woocommerce will refund the money if you don’t like something. You can bet I have turned off auto-renew for this plugin because they won’t be getting any more of my money. I would gladly pay the $49/year if the plugin worked the way it should, but it has been nothing but a source of problems and issues since first installing it.

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  • A.Tariq


    Hi @scarlet522

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We still love to help you and get the remaining issues resolved also we have replied several times on the support ticket but we didn’t receive any response from your side.

    Since you are using paid version, we suggest to discuss in a detail at the support ticket as we are not allowed to discuss a paid plugin issues over here.


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