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  • I can’t even describe how I feel about seeing this as a core feature. It kills my workflow completely, and ‘WYSIWYG’ literally dies with it. This editor isn’t configurable at all. It doesn’t serve the ability to use the theme’s css and it doesn’t allow to create custom predefined HTML Markup via buttons. Yes there are shortcodes, but even inserting them is a pain.

    Then it allows customers to completely mess up their content with custom buttons, background- and text colors, font-sizes, drop caps and all kind of bullshit. I don’t want to offer them the possibility to shit on my work – at least I want to be able to turn this features off.

    If I looked closer at the custom buttons i recognized that they’re not even working as they should and aren’t buttons at all. They’re divs with a link in it – so only the inner text is clickable. Really bad UX.

    Most of the content blocks need specific styles. An additional stylesheet, an additional server request. Which can’t be turned off. Refer back to “not able to use the theme’s css”. If you want to change them, you got to overwrite. nice.

    Creating gallerys is really a pain too. It needed about 10 minutes before I recognized that you have to insert an image and “convert it” to a gallery. really? should this be obvious? Adding more images doesn’t work either. Or I can’t find the button. Whatever.

    There are Text columns. But.. Why only 2? Why are they constantly 50% wide, even on mobile? Breakpoints!? Gutters!? Refers back to “editor has a fixed width” and “not configurable”. Oh – what if I want to include something like an image into these columns? Visually not possible. Great.

    Then there’s no code-indention or highlighting in the “custom HTML” or “code” block. In TinyMCE this can be handled with an additional plugin. Now? Not possible. Working in text mode doesn’t help either – then Gutenberg will just be like: “This block appears to have been modified externally”. No preview anymore. nice!

    Finally the worst: What happens if I update my customers Sites with a custom TinyMCE configuration? Do I have to work for about 200 hours just to get back the old editor and desired behaviour on all running sites? Will this even be possible?


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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    So firstly, thank you for taking time to leave a review. It’s interesting you say this kills your workflow. Could you describe what your workflow is that means Gutenberg kills it?

    There will be ways you can turn off features, blocks and even Gutenberg itself. It’s also worth noting you can unhook the Gutenberg styles also.

    You right point out the columns aren’t there. The customizer focus after the editor is where Gutenberg gets the ‘page building’ functionality. That’s the next step though, right now it’s about the editing.

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