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  • Purchased their PLATINUM premium Package $186, I’m not saying this is a bad product, but their customer services leave a lot to be desired, they need to rethink they way the way they treat customers that have spent a great deal of money on their products, after they cause hours and hours of work repairing websites due to faults with their plugin updates!

    Spent a whole night working on a customers website setting up Galleries after spending a small fortune on their flagship product, At the end of the night after spending a great deal of time, I noticed there were plugin updates for the newly purchased Envira Gallery. I proceeded to do the updates and to my total amazement the whole website CRASHED big time.

    Not one page accessible all I could get was 500 errors ??? I spent a further 5 hours trying to workout and recover the site before going to bed. After explaining in great detail the problem to Envira Gallery Customer Services, they admitted there update caused the problem. They did not offer any form of compensation for the damage and time I had to spend repairing the customer’s website after the Envira Gallery update destroyed the website.

    I spent over $186 on this product/company buying their premium product and on the same evening there update destroyed the website I was working on. For a company like this to not even acknowledge the fault by offering compensation for the hours of work they caused me trying to repair the damage they caused is shameful and disgraceful!

    Very Very poor customer services, totally upset by the way they have treated me after spending so much money with Envira Gallery!

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by John.
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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by John.
    • This topic was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by John.
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  • Hi John,

    Syed Balkhi here. I’m the CEO of Envira Gallery and your response was escalated to me by our support supervisor.

    First of all, please accept my sincerest apologies regarding the update that crashed your site. I know an apology would not bring back the late night hours that you had to spend trying to fix the issue, but I still want to apologize nonetheless.

    I talked with our lead developer and support team, so I could get to the bottom of this issue and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

    This error that you encountered occurred for users whose hosting servers were using PHP 5.3. This is a very old version of PHP that is no longer supported. The end of life for PHP 5.3 was August 2014. PHP is currently on version 7. recommends using PHP version 7 or greater. We do our testing going backwards till PHP 5.6 to ensure that our releases work properly.

    Due to the unique nature of every individual WordPress website and their hosting environment, there is simply no way we can test against every possible configuration, and this is true for every plugin on the market.

    I would strongly recommend that you have your hosting company upgrade your PHP and MySQL versions, so you don’t encounter similar issues with other plugins because most all plugins will start dropping backward compatibility for older PHP versions. Upgrading server infrastructure can cause downtime, but most good hosting companies usually have a way around that in which they migrate you to a new server that’s already upgraded (which has minimal downtime, if any).

    Lastly, its definitely disappointing that our first impression wasn’t up to par with our normal standards. If you are still unhappy with our product, then I would be happy to issue you a full-refund for your purchase as you are still within our 14 day refund period.

    Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to earning your business going forward.

    Thank you for your reply email,

    I would just like to state I currently host a variety of websites with many many different plugins that all run fine and have never caused the devastation that the Envira Gallery update did.

    Your offer of a full refund after the many hours work your update crash caused me in repairing the website, I feel is extremely weak, for the record your company has not offered me anything in the wasted hours of my time, as I was fully entitled to a full refund within the 14days, though I appreciate your apologies.

    After spending Over $186 on your product and within a few hours, your update had totally crashed the customer’s website I was working on, irespect of php versions etc.
    I think is shameful, let alone the hours and hours work it caused me in getting the website back active again and repairing the damage.

    I work as an electronic design engineer for a high end electronics company and whenever we are at fault in anything we do, my company will go to the enth degree to keep our customers happy by either offering financial compensation or an incentive to apologize for any inconvenience we have caused.

    What a shame Envira Gallery don’t follow the same code of practice when at fault! in at least offering some form of good will gesture to address the hours of wasted time I had to endure in repairing the damage their update caused me, oh no other plugin has ever caused this.

    I would just like to add, this product is a superb gallery when working and I honestly have no complaints about the product itself, just simply disappointed and amazed in the fact that powers to be at Envira gallery did not offer me any form of good will gesture or financial offer to offset the hours of work, worry and inconvenience that was caused.


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