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  • I purchased the license for this software. I had some issues where the license was not being recognized, even after waiting 16 hours, so I contacted their support.

    It did not go well, but my issue was resolved in the end, after a lot of difficulty communicating with them.

    As I tried to get help, they just kept telling me that things are fine on their end, and offered very little guidance or help on steps to troubleshoot. All they told me was to put the license in, which I had already obviously done. The were very rude and not very helpful. The issue appeared to finally correct itself automatically, or they did something on their end to resolve the issue.

    I was experiencing difficulties getting them to help me with any degree of satisfaction, so I told them “Gotta say, bad customer service though”. Afterwards, I was belittled by them, telling me that “you have a shitty web site” and I was running a slightly older version of WordPress – and that my ip was a “known spammer” and that they would be watching me.

    I just setup the site on a new server in the last week. I guess the old owner of the ip address had some issues. But my server is locked down tighter than ever and has been hardened so there are definitely no malicious activity with me as an owner. They treated me like I was worthless to them and I was very disappointed in the service I received.

    At this point, I am not even sure if their solution works. I am dismayed at the outright lack of customer appreciation or service for a paying customer. Even if the product works, it makes me never want to do business with them again.

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