• This was installed on a WordPress instance for a client – started taking orders and it was replacing existing posts (the home page!!!) with the new order records. Should have used a separate table with an FK back to the actual post.

    Whoever wrote this plugin is either new to programming or has been the subject of a botched lobotomy – either way they probably step away from the keyboard.

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  • Tom Bombadil


    Really? I was about to install this plugin. Thanks you

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    @tom Bombadil there’s no way code-wise for the plugin to write or replace posts, and it’s entirely scoped to the shop_order post type, so there’s not really a way for this issue to occur.

    You should be clear to use this, and if you run into any questions or issues, we’re happy to help out in the forum 🙂 Thanks!



    I created an account here specifically because this caused an hour of downtime and I wanted to warn others.

    After a process of elimination it was indeed determined by our tech team that this plugin was the cause, whether or not it was an issue that’s since been fixed – this plugin was definitely the cause of the problem.

    Pretty sure we didn’t imagine it ><.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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