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  • Hangs on uploads of images.

    Absolutely useless for any serious photographer.

    Support is non-existent.
    Awaiting refund – I’ll update when that has come / or not!

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  • Plugin Author Thad Allender


    Simon, sorry Sell Media didn’t work out for you. As we mentioned before, your web server configuration controls the ability to upload 500mb of images into WordPress. Support replied to every single one of your requests and also provided you with a refund for your purchase of extensions.


    Lets sort out what you just said shall we?

    I have all the emails I both send and received from “support”. The DID NOT reply to all my email at all (unless you are publicly calling me a liar?).

    I worked very closely with my hosting company (I still have all their support email – the hosting company in question is not some kid in their bedroom, it is a multinational one I have been a reseller of for 15 years).

    All PHP settings were implemented as per your support page, and the very limited support in one of the few emails sent.

    Your plugin does not work effectively at all for photographers wishing to mass upload. I tried both in bulk and in batches and neither worked without eventually crashing WordPress.

    Lastly, you gave me a refund because YOUR PLUGIN DOESN’T WORK. You didn’t do me a favour, you did what you should have done when a customer finds out that your software does not do what it says.

    So, I repeat:

    “Hangs on uploads of images.

    Absolutely useless for any serious photographer.

    Support is non-existent.”

    Plugin Author Thad Allender


    Simon, I appreciate the honest feedback. I really do. But let’s clarify a few things here:

    1. Many shared hosts put very low restrictions on the size of the files that can be uploaded through PHP (WordPress). Thankfully, you can change these settings:

    2. Sell Media is a free, open source plugin that anyone can contribute to. We have an awesome group of photographers and developers who contribute to the continual improvement of the plugin. You purchased extensions, which have nothing to do with your bulk upload issue.

    3. You say “your plugin doesn’t work”. That’s honestly not helpful because it’s non-specific. In your case, what didn’t work was bulk uploading lots of large image files. Could bulk uploading lots of large image files at once be a bug in Sell Media? Absolutely it could be a bug. All software has bugs. What’s the first step in fixing a bug? Reporting it. When users report bugs, we try to fix them. See the issue tracker for reference:

    Again, I really wish we could’ve figured out your issue with bulk uploads. I really do! I’m certain it has to do with the configuration and performance of your web server. For example, your website scores a 40/100 in Google PageSpeed tests, which reveals underlying performance issues that I would attempt to fix before anything else:

    Specifically, your server takes almost 2 seconds to respond to requests. This is very very slow.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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