• Don’t ever start using this plugin, it’s only for basic websites, it’s very slow, bloats the database and the support is non-existent. And I say don’t start because there is not even option to export your translations and you are stuck with this terrible software.

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    First of all, we are sorry that you had a bad experience using the plugin.
    The translations can be exported in .sql format from your database directly. It’s true that there is no option directly from our settings to do this kind of export, but we have plans to work on this.
    Regarding the loading speed of the website, this can have many causes, from the size of the website to the number of processes that take place when you access it. Not to mention the importance of the computing power of the server on which your project runs. Also, due to the large market for WordPress environments, there are many cases of conflict between plugins. However, from our part, each language is stored in its own table and the queries are optimized and fast.
    Now, it is normal for the translated page to have loading differences from the original page, but these are usually tiny.
    Your case is an isolated one, and we can dig into it for sure (let’s continue the discussion on the opened ticket on our forum), but accusing us that our product is just for basic websites is not something we believe in. Big websites in terms of content dimensions using our plugin without speed issues and the fact that the product has over 200k active installations, gives us confidence that the path we are following in the development and maintenance of the product is one appreciated by the community.

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