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  1. financialbrats
    Posted 7 years ago #

    For days now I have been sending emails to get my plea for justice heard. For reasons that are unbeknown to me my account was suspended. The big problem is that I used my domain name for my blog name and now my online reputation is tarnished... and I have no idea why I am finding myself in this predicament. I include a few of the support claims I submitted to which I did not get the promised ASAP responses. In desperation I even sent a note to Matt Mullenweg. Could somebody please look into this matter. I just want it to be over and to be able to pick up where I left off... making my feeble attempts to put something descent together, which is not easy for us newcomers. Thank you in advance for whatever help you can offer.
    5/23 Saturday
    I am extremely upset because my blog has been removed for terms of service violation and I have no idea why this is so. I feel terribly wronged and my online reputation is being trashed, and this isn't fair. Please... could you forward my concern to someone who will have the courtesy to explain why I have been treated like some villain.
    I have worked very hard on building my site which will require a blog. My site is not yet visible to the Robots because some of the pages are not finished. Since I am new to blogging I asked the forum if I could also keep the blog invisible till I figure out how to set it up. I was advised to make it private. When I did so the terms of service violation showed up and I was thrown out of the system without any explanation.
    You cannot imagine how upset I was when I Googled financialbrats and saw that the blog indicates that it has been archived or suspended for terms of use violation!!! I haven't even yet indexed my site and already I look soooooooo bad. You have no idea of the quality of my site and how much work I put into it. Why didn't you view the site? You should have done so before assuming that it is malicious. Also, when such extreme action is taken you could at least give people some warning... because you could be wrong in your assumptions.
    That is the very least you can do.
    You cannot trash people's reputations like that!! I have read the terms of service violation and I have not done any of those things. Financialbrats.com is my domain name and you can and should view the site. I now realize it was a big mistake to use my domain name for my blog, but since I did make that mistake I now must fight to protect it. If something has been done to my blog it has been done without my knowledge. PLEASE have the courtesy to contact me and at least give me the opportunity to resolve this matter.
    5/24 Sunday
    I recently sent a letter about the suspension of my account for reasons that are totally unknown to me. I am waiting and hoping that my concerns will be acknowledged. I don't want to believe that your people will turn a deaf ear to my call for justice.
    If you Google "financialbrats" the very first entry is wordpress announcing to the world that my blog has been suspended for term of service violation. How does that look? God! What did I do? Why can't I get an answer?
    I should hope that "someone" in your company will understand how seriously my online reputation is being trashed. I have not even had the site that I have been working on for months indexed yet by Google, and you guys have put a huge black hat on me. This is utterly unfair. All I did was ask the forum if I could have the luxury of not having my stupid attempts at learning how to set up a blog evident. "Mark" told me I could check the private box and when I did so I had this happen to me. Somebody is going to have to take the time to help me get out this awful predicament that I am finding myself in. Please!!!!!!!
    Monday 5/25
    Because my letters are not being acknowledged I thought perhaps I was sending them to the wrong place. I wrote to Akismet support and they have already responded telling me that I do in fact need to be speaking to you people.
    As I see things the problem is that it looks like my data is on some black list and has either been thrown out of the system completely or is being ignored.
    For people who seem to have such a high standard I am really disappointed in you. It doesn't look like you care if you are unfairly treating people. Obviously in my case some mistake has been made but nobody will even consider this possibility. You have put me in a bad predicament and just walked away from the whole mess leaving me to struggle in vain to erase this black mark that you made on my online reputation. At the very least I expected some kind of response telling me why I was blacklisted, and at most some response indicating that matters could be corrected. Why don't you have the courtesy to do that?

    Hi Matt,

    I am the creator of a site that entails original budgeting software material that is aimed at teaching budgeting principles to what I have termed "financialbrats"; meaning all us poor souls that refuse to live within our means and thus have brought all sorts of financial woes on ourselves. I have worked extremely hard on this project and if you ever get the chance you can check out my site financialbrats.com... it is not really finished yet which is why I put the NO INDEX NO FOLLOW tag. When I asked if I could do something like this in wordpress at the forum, I was told to make the blog private. The next thing I knew my blog, which unfortunately has my domain name Financialbrat's Blog, was suspended with a Terms of Service Violation showing up in Google... thereby trashing my online reputation.
    I am writing to you in desperation because all the contact support mail that I send is not acknowledged. It looks as if I have been wiped off the system altogether leaving me to believe that wordpress has a "No Warning, No Explanations, and absolutely No Chance to correct a bad situation" policy. At the moment wordpress has put a big Black Hat on me, and I do not deserve to be treated this way. Surely, there must be some way to undue the damage that has been done to me. I am appealing to your sense of justice. Please don't let me be victimized. I am new to the Internet Community. I live in Athens, Greece and started out my project with high hopes and with the conviction that there is an intelligent and supportive Internet culture in existence. My experience with wordpress has me so discouraged. I am sure that you do not want to be the cause of so much grief and I never would have troubled you with this matter if I could have gotten some response from wordpress.
    I hope you will eventually get to see this post, and I hope that by the time you do get it things will have been resolved. Somehow I am starting to doubt that though. Please look into this matter.

  2. Samuel B

    Posted 7 years ago #

    why are you posting this here?
    you have a wordpress.com blog - go there

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