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  • Every now and then I get comment spam from what appears to be a “legitimate” (i.e. business related, no porn or gambling) site. Had it happen today. I punched the URL into the browser so there would be no HTTP referrer (just because) and saw what appeared to be a normal site.

    Although it’s probably foolish to expect an email to one of these companies would ever be responded to, I wonder … what if I tried? I’m thinking, I dunno, maybe an email to the CEO.

    What do you all think?


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I went through a spate of these recently – proper comments left by real people using spammy urls.
    I did 2 things:
    – wrote an email to two of the companies that stayed just this side of legal (I think) and mailed it to every address I could find for the company. I sent tons of info I’d got from dnsstuff too.
    – made a note on the comment form that said that if I even suspected spamming I’d delete the comment.

    I’m thinking that their businesses burned down or they were hauled off to some form of ‘karaoke hell’ because I doubt they took notice of me, but they’ve stopped.
    For now….

    That sounds exactly like one I got today for some company pitching strategic planning software of all things. What that has to do with a K-12 EDTECH blog, I have no idea.

    I was very tempted to email the CEO and a bunch of others I saw on their ‘management team’ page, but thought, would it matter? I might do it just for fun.

    The weird part is this comment was very well written, called me by name, and was grammatically correct. Either it’s a very well written script of some poor slob is sitting in front of a keyboard manually spamming low-volume, insiginificant blogs like mine. 🙂


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The ones on my blog really were comments on what I had written – they were almost too good. But the email addresses bounced and the same spammy url was all over it.

    Maybe they get someone in the company ..
    “It’ll be good typing practice”
    “Advertising 101”
    “Don’t diss the boss – do your lines”

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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