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  • I have a website that is running smoothly most of the year, hosted on a standard vhost. Two times a year, there is a booking process running using this site.
    In the first 2 hours of this booking process, the traffic rises extremely (~ 100x) and “kills” the server resulting in angry customers. Typical “first come – first serve” problem.

    Now my question: is there a way to temporary switch to a fast server for these 2 hours? Because if the site would be on a server all the time, that is fast enough would cost about 300 Euros a month. This is way to much for a site, that most of the year runs fine on a 10 Euro vhost.

    I know there a some very powerful cloud services you can book for a short time like hours or even minutes and only pay for that short time. That would be perfect, the costs for this are OK.

    My problem: how could this be technically done? What ways are possible to accomplish such temporary “redirect”? And what (cloud) services that are really powerful can you suggest?

    Thank you all very much for your help!

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  • You could try a scalable server, there are many around, just google it.

    I’ve been thinking about this problem for the last several hours and think I have a fairly neat solution for you.

    SkySilk offers a scalable cloud server product for WordPress…

    If it was me I’d put my WordPress on one of those and my database on the other making sure both were in the same datacenter.

    But there’s the rub… Their two datacenters are in New York and Los Angeles.

    But that can be mitigated by CloudFlare since that will act as a proxy for you using their endpoints from around the world.

    So two of their $5.00 a month servers (you might even get by with their cheaper product at $2.00 a month each). I’d also go over to KeyCDN and grab a CDN account with them to offload my images and content that could be served statically. Most decent WordPress cache plugins will automate the CDN functions for you.

    Back to CloudSilk… They have a feature called ‘boost’ where each boost raises the performance level to the next higher server. Subsequent boosts will raise the performance again and again as needed. These boosts are cheap and last for 24 hours.

    Now, a couple hours before the rush you might bump up your WordPress server’s performance via boost. And then again if you wish on your database box.

    You’ll want to keep your origin servers at CloudSilk running fast enough that CloudFlare doesn’t start throwing 500 errors. Worst case there is you might need to boost a couple times and you might need a better account at CloudFlare which is $20.00 per month. Maybe a chat with CloudFlare might get you the bit of extra service you need for that short term.

    I think you mentioned twice a year?

    I toss this idea out here hoping you might adopt parts of it and possibly find a solution in your location that might fit your purposes even better.

    So there is no way of a temporary redirect to an other server?

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    Of course, you could do that!

    I was thinking more of the work involved in doing something like that twice a year versus setting something up that never needs more than the press of a button once completed.

    You might have trouble finding a host who would provide you short term space but your own web host might have a temporary solution also if you ask them.

    Another option might be a round-robin DNS solution to multiple temporary servers. Again I’m thinking a lot of work several times a year.

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