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  • Hi…. I think that your greatest value here is that you made a way for me to hide files and do temporary links. I can name a file something akin to a password and just keep a record of what file is which. Then, I can generate temporary files and load the download links into Woocommerce. I really want to stick with Woocommerce.

    If you took this concept for me… :)… of making it easier to create a multitude of temporary files, and ez for me transfer them to Woocommerce… that would work. You’ve created for me the security system that I wanted of encrypted download links… temporary that expire.

    If you put together an add-on to Woocommerce with your temporary file creation, that would be a good plug-in right there.

    There is nothing right now I can find as an extension for Woocommerce that does what this does.

    I’m a novice and my site isn’t set up yet, so I don’t know the technical things that are complex… but I see in your plug-in security. That’s very valuable. Now, if it was more functional with Woocommerce and I didn’t have to create temporary files one by one… and if I could use your system to “hide my files” by creating security names for them like a password level strength and saving them in your system, create those temporary links that do not disclose file name… and load your temporary links into Woocommerce… easily/automatically… that is the plug-in I am looking for. 🙂

    I hope that is not offensive. Thank you. Laura Lee

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  • PS… I would want someone knowledgeable to “echo back to me” and doublecheck me to let me know if I am “getting it” or “what I am missing”… but additionally, the ideal plug-in would then also have functionality to “hide file folder”. Like, I could with the plugin rename a file folder a “mystery name”. Block hotlinking (I already have that in security but I would like the ideal plugin to create that firewall secondarily itself.) And… give me an audit trail of the links produced… so I could know for certain my files were not hacked from the server.

    Then, from what I can see and understand, I would have a security system that would require my admin panel to be hacked for my security to be breached… and one I could be aware of and audit on the server side.

    Using solely an outside source to distribute my links for me does not provide an audit trail. I would rather use a program I could audit… and match it against Woocommerce… so I have a clear audit mechanism of checking Woocommerce against my internal distribution of the other program.

    I am looking for auditing power as well like that… and that is why I would prefer not to outsource my distribution of the download links to begin with.

    I am only learning and know I don’t “see things”… but this is what I am thinking and if anyone can “call back to me” if I am seeing correctly, great. And then if they can build it… that’s a winner!

    Just sharing my thoughts. Thank you! Laura Lee

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