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    Is there a way to automatically temporarily show all menu items and go back to only showing the choosen menu afterwards?

    If not, it’d be great if you could add a “Show all” toggle to the menu when an admin is logged in.

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  • Plugin Author d4mation



    I’m sorry for the delay in responding to this. This one must have fell through the cracks.

    Are you looking for a way to show all Menu Items when viewing the Dashboard, or when inside the Client Dash customizer?

    Having a simple toggle when viewing the Dashboard wouldn’t be possible due to how the plugin works. It doesn’t hide Menu Items but rather completely prevents them from loading. If a toggle were to exist, it would need to reload the page with a “flag” set to tell it to ignore the menu customizations.

    If something like this were to be implemented it would need to be an option though, as many people use Client Dash to prevent their clients from being overwhelmed by the Admin Menu and wouldn’t want there to be a way for them to view the “whole thing”.

    If you’re instead wanting a way to toggle the preview in the Client Dash Customizer to show the menu without your current changes that is something that we could look at adding to the plugin. However, if you have made no changes to the Menu yet, something you could do would be to leave a tab in your browser at the Dashboard so that you can flip back and forth between the Dashboard and the Client Dash Customizer. If you needed to view it as a different User Role, you could use a plugin such as to accomplish that (Although you would need to do this in a separate browser/incognito window)

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