• Hi,
    I’m a newbie…
    I installed WordPress at http://mysite.com/wordpress/
    My index.php page was also in http://mysite.com/wordpress/
    However, I want my blog home page to be http://mysite.com/
    As per the instructions in the help section, I did the following:
    1. Go to my Options page and changed my Blog address to be http://mysite.com
    2. Copied the index.php file from the wordpress directory into the root of my site.
    3. Opened up my index.php file and change the line that says require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’); to be require(‘./wordpress/wp-blog-header.php’);
    However, now I find that in my Admin page, when I click on templates.php, it tells me that it cannot find index.php. Did I do something wrong?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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