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  • The old version of WP file editing area was always wierd for me (IE browser), where the editing area extended over the screen when you started typing and you had to alter the size of the window to get the editing area to go back to normal size with the scrollbar.

    In 1.5.1, the editing area still extends but you can hover a link to another file and the area shrinks back down.

    That part I can deal with. But. I am finding that my biggest pet peeve is not just that it does this in 1.5.1, but that the editing window is so displaced on the screen. I’ve been looking through the code on both of those files to try to find a place where the editing window is defined, to no avail. I’d like to fix these issues.

    Any help/fixes on this would be HUGELY appreciated!!!

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  • You’d like to fix this permanetly in the WordPress Admin Built-in Editor while using MSIE or you’d like to find something that is better than this very simplistic editor that is more of a pain but convenient tool, or find something that is a lot better?

    I find the built-in editor nice for the VERY occassional quick fix, especially if I need to fix something on the road, but not even close to adequate for any serious work. If you spend enough time with it to be bothered by the way MSIE displays the screen, it’s time to use something else.

    The CSS for the admin is in the wp-admin/wp-admin.css style sheet, though some design elements are embedded within the actual template you are using in the admin.

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