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    I’ve tried a million different things but the only templates that show up are WordPress classic and default. I even see the template I want to use (Modicus) in my Presentation section but when I click “View site” it doesn’t use it. What am I doing wrong?? I’ve checked the codex on this and still no luck.

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  • Have you clicked on the theme you want to use in the presentation tab.

    Yes, and it pops up as the “current theme” but when I view my site the theme has not changed.

    Be sure to clear your cache.

    Yes I am new to all this…how do I clear it?

    I was refering to your browser cache. In IE you can just use ctrl+f5

    Depends on your browser in firefox click tools – clear private data. IE under tools – internet options – temporary internet files (delete files)

    I cleared the cache (I use firefox) and still no luck

    Under “Broken theme” it says this:

    the following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    But under “name” it is blank. It says “stylesheet is missing”

    The theme is missing files then. You won’t be able to use that one. You might try reuploading the theme making sure that your ftp client is set to ASCII mode not BINARY. Then try it again, if no luck search for a new theme.

    Or check that you have placed the them in the correct location. It is very easy to load your theme inside a second folder and this will not allow it to open correctly. [And more often than not, you will receive the same message you mention]

    For example:

    wp-content/themes/bluetheme/bluetheme [will not work]

    wp-content/themes/bluetheme [will work]

    thanks for the suggestions…i have changed ftp to ASCII and deleted all the non-working themes and I will try again with new themes from scratch and make sure I put the folders in the right spot

    One question: I see THREE different wp-content folders in my home directory…is that correct? (One under www, one under home, and one under public_html)

    It depends on how you set it up. Put it in one at a time then check you presentation tab again, then when you see it you’ll know which wp-content is the right one.

    It is most likely the one un public_html

    OK. I uploaded an entirely new theme called “Deschutes” and I see it in the darn presentation tab and I click on it and it becomes “current theme.” It then says “New Theme Activated–View Site” and I do….and it is the same old one…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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