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    Bug Report: Theme custom templates NOT available in Settings > Template > Events Template.

    Let me start by saying: I will purchase a single license of ECP if you are willing to help me get it to work with my Thesis 2.0 theme.

    Here’s my issue/s: (links are to my staging/testing site which I use for development)

    After installing The Events Calendar and visiting the calendar url, no content displayed whatsoever:

    I thought maybe this was because I had not created any events yet. So I created an event category ( and then created an event (

    The single event page only displayed the title and standard content of the event. The event category page displayed nothing (but did have the meta-title/description I had assigned).

    I created a new custom template using the Thesis 2.0.2 template builder, and then copied the Events Calendar single.php and hooked it into my new custom template, using a function in my theme’s custom.php file. I then navigated back to my event edit screen in wordpress and chose the new template from the drop-down select menu and re-saved. So now the single event page displays properly! Yay!

    I think I can follow the same process for the Events Category Archive pages, by building another custom template and applying it to each of my Event Categories.

    BUT, none of my custom templates are available to choose from for the calendar page (Settings > Template > Events Template[drop-down]). And since the /events page is not listed in my WordPress Pages, I don’t know how I’ll be able to get the calendar to display.

    I know just enough to know that this is a issue of incompatibility with Thesis 2.0. For some reason Thesis is not properly retrieving your plugin’s php page templates. And for some reason, your plugin is not recognizing Thesis’ custom templates. But I’m not sure how to remedy this.

    Obviously I had some success with just using your templates as modules and manually plugging them into my theme through a hook. But Since I’d like to use the built-in url for my calendar page, and I can’t figure out how to get the calendar templates to display on that page, I’m at a loss!

    As I said above, I’d be more than happy to purchase the single license for ECP, if you think there is a way to get it to play nice with Thesis 2.0. I’d really prefer to use ECP over all-in-one-calendar-events, cuz I trust your product way more.

    Let me know,


    Setup: WordPress 3.4.2 | The Events Calendar 2.0.10 | Thesis Theme Version 2.0.2 | PHP 5.2.17 | Apache 2.2.23

    Plugins: I have the following plugins active: Advanced Custom Fields, Faster Image Insert 2.3.1, Theme My Login 6.2.3, User Meta 1.1.2,

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey colinsafranek; thanks for the note here and for confirming your issue in such detail. This is great and the best type of bug report to receive. While I’m not sure what is going on here, it does sound like there is a Thesis problem…which is odd as I haven’t seen too many of those types of integration issues reported with that theme lately. I’m going to have our dev Jonah take a look here to see if he can identify any user error or something else that may have an easy workaround.

    As for purchasing a PRO license…we certainly would appreciate it, but that shouldn’t be required to get the plugin functional. Let’s first see what Jonah can suggest – it may be more simple than either you or I realize. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience so far.



    Thanks for the response!

    The other support post is for the same issue, yes, but it provides an update link to my hack for getting the events calendar page to display: [calendar page hack]

    I used the same method as I did to get the single.php event post to display.
    – By creating a new custom template,
    – hooking the single.php/gridview.php templates into the custom template with a function in my Thesis 2.0.3 custom.php file,
    – and then choosing to display the page/post using the custom template.

    The problem, as stated in my original support post, is that the only way to use these custom templates is by choosing them in the post/page editing view (wordpress admin). Which meant that I had to create a new dummy page (/calendar-page/) to use for the gridview, rather than using the auto-generated page /events/.

    The downsides to this method are obvious– I would have to create custom templates and new dummy pages for all of the necessary Events Calendar pages, as well as editing all the internal links in each template (prev/next month links, and “list-view” link in gridview, etc.)

    So, anyway, nothing new here, just an update on my /calendar-page/ attempt.

    Thanks for your help!

    – Colin

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Colin. So I had Jonah from our dev team take a look and it seems like quite a bit has changed between Thesis 1.8 (which we’ve tested on and helped troubleshoot) and Thesis 2.0.

    We’re happy to look into those compatibility issues and see if we can do anything more flexibly on our end, but in order to do so we will need a copy of the theme for testing purposes (it will only be tested locally and never pushed to a live site). If you have it handy, would you mind sending to pro /a/ with a link to this thread, so we can take a look and respond accordingly? Thanks in advance!

    Hey Colin,

    Another update here. At this time we do not have the bandwidth to work on integrating the current version of our plugin with Thesis 2.0. We are however going prioritize working on integration for our upcoming 3.0 release and providing a tutorial on the Tribe website. No guarantees but that is our plan for now.

    Sorry I can’t offer up more here and let me know if you have any other questions.


    As a Thesis 2 user, and HUGE fan of The Event Calendar, all I can say is THANK YOU.

    I really look forward to your 3.0 release…

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Glad to hear it, dscottangle. This is definitely a big priority for us and your note just affirms that. We will definitely keep you all posted as we make progress here. Marking the thread RESOLVED for now, unless anyone disagrees.

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