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  • Anybody know of any good templates that work well inside the rich editor (WP Super Editor) that will stay fixed…without everything moving around when something is typed or inserted(images)? I hate HTML.
    HTML came from SGML…Programs like Pagemaker, Ventura, etc… all REAL WYSIWYG editors…whats up with the W3C? Sheesh…lol
    I need some way to set this up for our shop owner to be able to just cut and paste…etc… into the editor in WP.
    Does ANYBODY have any ideas?
    Please help and advise.
    Thank you.
    David M. Sellers

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  • I do not understand exactly, you want to paste your TEMPLATE inside the EDITOR ???

    I am not quite sure I understand , you want to paste your TEMPLATE in the EDITOR???

    BUMP …?
    There are ways (plugins etc…) that will “templatize” a post and or page. So you can use the format over and over. Cool… But, anytime I edit , cut and paste, insert images….the layout changes. I know there is HTML that I can fix the end result with. Problem is the owner of this shop that I do kustom art and graphics out of…is completely computer illiterate and he needs to be able to edit his post and pages with the very least amount of “coding”…as in NONE. lol 🙂
    I know this is possible…just gotta figure it out and am looking for tips and ideas.
    I am looking into an desktop publishing software that is TRUE WYSIWYG…then letting him work in that…cut and paste into WP editor. Just haven’t found one yet that is SIMPLE enough for shop owner. So far CorelDRAW may do the trick…BUT, I can’t install that on his machine. Even if I could…it is still too complex for him.
    Need small simple DTP to HTML…XML, ??? something!…lol

    I am thinking that plan will be the best. Research…trial and error…here I come. I need to PAINT…I need money!…lol

    Please help…
    Thank you.

    I am having trouble understanding what you want ..
    Can you please specify what is the workflow you need ??
    What is the end result, and what does Dreamweaver (or CoralDraw) has tto do with the post editor in WP ??
    You want to do a DESIGN ? you want to write a POST ?
    What do you want this shopowner to do ??

    First let me explain what I have done thus far…
    In CorelDraw I layout my design…
    For instance…to resemble a table 2 columns 2 rows 300 px and 300 px
    Pop in a little text and pics…then “export” as HTML.
    Test it from corel in browser…view and copy source…paste it into WP editor. So-far this has worked.
    I “have” hand coded and MS expression coded similar tables…But, they all fall apart and get “out of whack” in the WP editor. Even this corel method isn’t what I NEED. It “for some reason” just holds together better in the wp ed.
    I am trying Coffee HTML 2008 now…
    Ideally what I want is an EXTREMELY SIMPLE editor VERY WYSIWYG sooo that the shop owner can set his type…pop in some pics…then cut and paste into the wp ed. Personally I would have the site more fancy and elaborate. He has paid out LOTS of money for sites he never used at all. I know of a FEW people that payed THOUSANDS just to put the software(website) on a shelf. They want complete control over their sites…ie: CMS. If/WHEN I get this thing down I will sell my OWN interface to these people. They are old school…No Flash garbage, fancy java etc… believe it or not…that crap does NOT sell. What sells is our HOTRODS our product. That is true for hundreds of business owners…despite the common thought out there in the web designers world. Seriously. Everything ALWAYS gets back to basics…always has always will. I need simple. content is sitting on my hard drive ’til I get this simplified.

    My god … I am a bit at awe right now…
    What you want is an EXTERNAL editor, to do EXACTLY what the WP editor does, and make your client Copy and Paste from it ???
    I think I have NEVER saw anyone use WP just like that… And Frankly , It is not designed to do so NOR, IMHO, is it the right way to work.
    Why can’t the client simply write INSIDE the WP Editor (which is , by itself, kind of WYSIWYG..
    You just have to specify in the CSS for him all the headings etc, and align pictures and stuff..
    But that is being made in the CSS, not in any external WYSIWYG editor.
    I think you are missing the point here a bit on how to utilize a CMS or Blog systems, or how web design as a whole is being made..
    Either that – or I MYSELF have misunderstood everything (including your question aim..)

    You have to understand that the shop owner is whom I must please. If he places a pic in the wp ed and it moves something or doesn’t go “exactly” where he wants…well…then the whole thing is useless. I know very well how to handle and manipulate it the way “I” see fit. That just won’t cut it for him. Once I have all the background work etc…done then he can add projects and whatever he wishes. My plan is to design him several layouts in template form ie: tables, layers…what have ya…lol My plan “B” is to have him build these “posts”(and “page inserts” if you will…) in say…simple dtp and or Coffee cup…then YES paste the HTML into the wp ed. In doing this I will make LOTS of small business owners ecstatically happy as a pig in mud. THEN…I will go forward and write my own mods to handle this…a REAL CMS easy enough to use by Grandpa…lol

    Go to CSS-tricks…watch the Video-casts…Chris is a very smart man and I know he would be pleased with what I have done and where I WILL take this. Your “opinion” is appreciated. I just don’t think you quite understand what and whom I am dealing with. lol

    The question “aim” is simple. I need simplicity in the editor. Real WYSIWYG…HTML should have come farther than it has…yet it has not. It is weak, unorganized, and simply useless. I see HTML on the way out. You see…I used to work in SGML…Now you have DTP software that was a take off from that, and it IS wysiwyg.

    Thank you.
    David Sellers

    well.. all i can say at this point is :
    Good luck.

    Try to read please some of the tutorials on how WP works, what is XHTML and why there is actually no HTML or tables in WP Themes.. and WHAT ARE themes..

    Ummmm…if there is XHTML…there indeed is HTML That is what the WP Editor uses. HTML.

    Try to read please some of the tutorials on how WP works, what is XHTML and why there is actually no HTML or tables in WP Themes.. and WHAT ARE themes.. That has nothing to do with what I am working on.
    It is not the “themes” themselves I am working with(yet). It is the “content” that is “dynamically” created by the wordpress system.
    I know how themes work in WP. I know some coding…it’s just not what I do for a living. Only for fun.

    I have come a long way today with this and I have almost got this down for the shop owner. Once that is done I will look into writing my own plugin for it. Talk about simplicity in a CMS (or blog…which is not what we are using WP for at all)…only one section will be blog like.

    I thank you for you help.
    Our site and my post is in WordPress Expert. lol That came through to me today in a feed…check it out…
    Wait ’til you see when I am done. NOT the aesthetics(MUCH more content to add)…the functionality and simplicity.
    Thank you.
    David M. Sellers



    Volunteer Moderator

    Seconding krembo99. Raginwolf, you could set up different page and even post templates for your client and set up custom fields in the templates.

    Yes…THAT is more like what I am after. krembo99 must have thought I was using the WP editor for the “entire” page “theme”. That is NOT what I am doing.
    I have the template dark_classic and I have modified it, added plugins into WP etc…so that THAT particular template(shop owner liked…lol) use as our company website “template”. Nothing to do with my question.
    I use the WP editor to post/page “content”. The f’in problem is…the wp ed will not cut it. The shop owner MUST be able to place his text and pics SO the resulting display (LIVE) will look as he placed it. WYSIWYG.
    I don’t see what the big deal is. I have almost got this WP thing behaving the way it should. THEN…I plan on building(coding) my own WordPress “template” to be more adept to what “exactly” I am looking for.
    In the meantime the shop needs a web presence. That’s all…that simple.
    WHEW! lol
    But, Yes…ultimately I DO need to set up “custom fields” etc…to be used “IN” the WP editor.
    The shop owner is picky as hell…and does not understand why he can not cut, paste, drag and drop…and the end result be a PERFECT layout. It freaks him out. He claims he had a web-site that would do just that. My question to him was…”Where is it now? Find me the damn code!” LMAO!
    I KNOW that once I get him set-up and happy…that I can build this for him even better. I plan on it. I will also use it to display my kustom artwork etc….
    Thank you.
    David Sellers

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