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  • Hi 😉

    hoping someone can help me here as I’m not sure if this can be done or not….

    I’m working on tranferring the course website for the animation course I run over to a WP setup. Everything is going fine – and I’ve got most of the site setup:

    on the page for this year’s students – I would like to have a different header for each individual student’s page.
    Main student page:

    when you now click on an individual student – you will see this student’s work alone. The header flash file should then also show an individual header strip (flash).
    (see this page from teh old setup as example: – note the header strip now only showing Zara’s thumbnails [main player feature currently not working very well])

    on the new setup – I’ve placed this flash strip within the main header file within my theme at the moment and it is one and the same header for all pages. I would like to know whether it will be possible to call in a different header file depending on post ID?

    (I could only think of one option so far – to make each student a category – which would be a nightmare to maintain, I have yet to transfer the previous years’ students over and would end up with too many categories then…. defeating the purpose of using WP in the first place)

    any thoughts, ideas, tips … anything would be much appreciated 😉
    thanks 😉

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