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  • Hi Guys,

    I am using the Events Manager plugin

    I am also using the Graphene theme and have my default layout set to 2 col with the sidebar on the left.

    The page I have created for the plugin is set to 1 col and displays fine but when the indervidual event page is created on the fly, it uses the default template set.

    Could someone help me reslove this so that it used the 1 col template from the theme?



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  • Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    you need to create a single-event.php theme template file and use the code that you’d like event to show as (e.g. copy the php file with the layout you want).

    Hi Marcus,

    Could you give me a hint on what I need to do?

    I am a novice when it come to editing code


    Basically, after creating single-event.php theme template file you can use normal WP methods or $EM_Event->output(…) method to output any placeholder info.


    I’m currently working on setting up Events Manager for a national site that I’m building for a client. Your tip about creating the single-event.php file has helped Marcus.

    Just wondering if you can tell me what template is required to control the Category Listing page.

    Ultimately I think it would be nice if this is listed in the documentation for the plugin. My apologies if it is already listed and I’ve missed it. If that is the case please point me to the correct page in the doco.





    NetWebLogic Support

    Depends on your settings, if you’re using WP’s way of showing archives, you should use taxonomy-event-categories.php much the same way as single-event.php

    if you’re overriding categories with our formats system, you could just modify this in your settings page in formats/layout

    hey guys,

    I’m really struggling to get this to work…

    as you can see here basically the widget bar is showing on the right. As set by the default theme settings.

    How can I change this within the events template to a full width page?


    try this previous post (see the single-event.php below of that link) and basically just remove the sidebar code.

    Thanks Marcus,

    I found that my categories page was using one of my custom templates.

    This plugin was instrumental in getting to the bottom of this:

    Maybe it’ll be useful for others in a similar situation.


    This plugin was instrumental in getting to the bottom of this:

    That plugin is really great. I’m curious, once you figure out what template Events Manager is using, how can you change it?

    For my site (, Events Manager displays my sidebar on some pages where it’s using sidebar-page.php but oh the single Location/Event & Category pages it’s using page.php.

    Any way to change it?

    am going to try this again and update you.

    I am also interested in this – would like to specify template for the category list pages.

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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