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  • Iva


    I was wondering how to:

    1. List all custom terms (tags used for all of my custom AND default post types) on a single page, possibly with description and alphabetically.

    e.g. would list all people mentioned on songs, releases, events, posts and pages.

    *I assumed plain archive would work, but I get a 404. I did update my permalinks structure.

    2. List all instances for custom and default post types the specific custom term/tag is linked to, preferably separated by type.

    e.g. would list all songs where John Doe is a part of personel, all releases John Doe contributed to, all events John Doe took a part in, all posts and pages mentioning John Doe.


    [Person] archive

    [person] description

    News items mentioning [person]:
    – News 1
    – News 2
    – News 3

    Articles, reviews and other pages mentioning [person]:
    – Interview with blabla, year X
    – Review of blabla
    – Site subject biography
    – Quotes on Site subject

    Shows [person] was a part of:
    – Venue, 1.1.1992.
    – Other venue, 4.5.2004.

    Songs featuring [person]:
    – Song name
    – Song name song name

    Releases [person] contributed to:
    – Some album
    – Some documentary
    – That single

    If you think [person] was a part of something else that we don’t know of, feel free to contact us.

    I’m somewhat lost and not sure what I’m doing wrong. Help would be very welcome. Thank you so much, in advance.

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