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  • In using Templatedia I am unsure how to insert special characters into my string. For example, I have an attribute called “summary” for my “dailyupdate” template.

    So therefore, I would call it using {{dailyupdate|summary=content.}}

    But within that content area I would like to insert special characters, quotation marks (“), dollar signs ($), as well as possessive modifiers (for example, sky’s).

    Currently, the script removes the $ and places / before the quotations.

    You can see the results at There I have no changed or created a new SPAN-class in my stylesheet because I am hoping I can resolve the issue. But you will see that before my numerical values under the “summary” list item that it removes the $ and changes the appearance of the quotations in the manner previously mentioned.

    How do I insert special characters inside the template call? Not doing so would sort of defeat the purpose of creating the template or cause me to have to create a new SPAN class to use within my template which would seem unnecessary given the potential for the Plug In to deliver.


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  • This is a bug on my end then. It shouldn’t be slash escaping quotes or removing things like $’s.

    Can you e-mail me the template code you’re using? It will help me debug.


    And I’m glad someone’s using this plugin! I was a bit afraid it had slipped through the cracks and been ignored, heh. 🙂

    It’s a great plug-in, I think it should be included in WordPress, honestly. Or at least the functionality.


    Also, is there a way to include breaks within the plug-in call?

    For instance, in {{dailyupdate|summary=content.}} the “content” may run a few paragraphs. Instead of having it output as a block of text, can I include breaks using some sort of code within the template call?

    I appreciate your time and look forward to your feedback…


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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