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  • Greetings all,
    I am having a slight problem. My hosting company offers wordpress as an addon for their website. I figured it would be pretty neat to have my own little online journal, but there seems to be a problem. I want to change the theme of this template and when I go to wp-admin.php and sign in and go to change the template, I get a some sort of locked template that demands I change the CHMOD to 666.
    Well, I went into wp-includes as well as the wp-admin folders to change any template files to CHMOD 666, but doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve searched this forum and looked at various information but I cannot seem to figure it out myself. Is there anyone that can suggest some ideas? Maybe tell me which files I am suppose to be changing to CHMOD 666?
    I appreciate any help offered! Thank you!
    Another Newbie In Need,
    Bryce W

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  • You might want to check podz’s excellent tutorial on this

    Greetings Moshu,
    I appreciate the link and just read the site. However, it doesn’t explain which files I need to change to CHMOD 666. I have already changed a few but none of them have made it possible for me to change the WordPress theme I have set as default. Any other suggestions or recommendations?
    Thanks again,

    You’ll want to chmod the following in the root directory of your wordpress installation.

    Just to make sure we are on the same page.
    1. Which version of WP have you installed?
    2. In your initial post you were talking about the template. In “WP lingo” this is the index.php file of your blog (and actually the only one that you see in a browser).
    3. In order to be editable (=writeable) in the WP admin panel, you have to set the permissions accordingly on any file you want to edit.
    4. What do you mean by the “theme I have set as default”??
    5. Themes appear only in WP 1.3 – as far as I know…
    6. If you want to change the layout (colors, fonts, background etc.) you have to edit your CSS file. You can do it through the Admin section, though probably an editor would be a better idea.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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