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  1. Baudry
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    My current configuration WP 2.33 wordpress
    - -- Theme used: mine being established
    - Plugins en place : -- Plugins up:
    -- Name of hebergeur: free.fr
    Web site address: olivierbaudrydesign.free.fr

    Problem (s) met (s): creation of themes

    1 ° question, or is it possible to find a graphically map wordpress in dreamweaver impossible to see beyond two. existe t'il un utilitaire ou autre pour le voir? There does a utility or to view?

    2 ° question: how to modify the kernel wordpress and integrate 10 templates or pages php theme of my case, my brief ten templates have a specific design css that I keep, what to modify files then add posts on the server side Free.

    I realized as a first step a menu that looked like this:
    $menuhome = <<<MENUHOME
    <ul id="menu_oupocreanum">

  2. <span class="off">home</span>
  3. <span class="off">biography</span>
  4. <span class="off">randomizer</span>
  5. <span class="off">workingprogress</span>
  6. <span class="off">play</span>
  7. <span class="off">videos</span>
  8. <span class="off">pictures</span>
  9. <span class="off">sounds</span>
  10. <span class="off">exhibition</span>
  11. <span class="off">software</span>
  12. <span class="off">abstracts</span>
  13. <span class="off">diagrams</span>
  14. <span class="off">machines</span>
  15. <span class="off">artists</span>
  16. <span class="off">bibliography</span>
  17. <span class="off">webography</span>
  18. <span class="off">discography</span>
  19. <span class="off">citations</span>
  20. <span class="off">lexique</span>
  21. <span class="off">forum</span>
  22. <span class="off">upload</span>
  23. <span class="off">thanks</span>
  24. <span class="off">links</span>

    $lines = split("\n", $menuhome);
    foreach ($lines as $line) {
    $current = false;
    preg_match('/href="([^"]+)"/', $line, $url);
    if (substr($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], 0, 5) == substr($url[1], 0, 5)) {
    $line = str_replace('<a h', '<a id="current" h', $line);
    echo $line."\n";

    I would like to indicate to the core of my pages wordpress thanks.php; upload.php; links.php then add classes through the engine blog. olivierbaudry.eba@hotmail.fr

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