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  • Found this in a blog:
    This is one poor system of WordPress. There is no template system. Actually there is a template system but not the template system like MovableType. If you modify your template that means *forever*. There is no *save* feature like in MovableType where you can save your templates in your database before applying them (or publishing/rebuilding).
    Well, this is FREE software so we are FREE to modify the code to suit our needs. *Don’t faint* you will see this feature in WordPress the next few days.

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  • you mean like saving your index and style sheet?
    can’t people just back it up?

    sort of saving. In MT you can save your index template then later republish it if you want to see it in the generated page.
    In WordPress the template system is dependent on the *live* page. So if you happen to have two blogging tools say MT and WordPress, and you accidentally overwrote the index.php using MT what appears in the WordPress is the MT-generated index.
    *But* the other way when WP generates an index, the *saved* index in MT will not be affected.
    I hope you get my point.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    That’s an artifact of MT’s static nature. WordPress users don’t republish when they change the template. They just change it.
    That said, a Wiki like page versioning feature could be added whereby users can save index.php and wp-layout.css to the database for safekeeping, “republication”, and such.

    Yeah, I was thinking about a version-control feature for posts as well. Basically, a mini-CVS …. delta-text or zlib-compressed for space, maybe a maximum date of backup or something.

    davidchait: that is cool. I hope somebody can do that or I’ll do that in my free time. cvs-like-controlled templating.

    You know, I had a similar thought today, which is this:
    All of the files that someone is likoely to edit, including wp-layout.css and any includes (header, footer, etc) should be in a subdir, raether than root. This would be helpful because the list of files at the bottom of /wp-admin/templates.php could be a dynamic listing of that new dir rather than a fixed list of files.
    Does this make sense?

    I also have another thought which is quite practical: to back-up my templates using CRON then probably use *is that diff command*

    referring to this one: a very helpful GNU tool

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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