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  • WordPress is the best I’ve ever seen.
    But sincerely saying, its Template system,design is just CRAP.
    Anyway, I was able to integrate my new site design into it.
    Take a look:
    So what if I develop a template system for WordPress?
    Something similiar to PHPBB. Import/add/edit themes.
    I think it would be great.
    What do you people think? If I get enough positive replies, I’ll complete
    the work within a couple of weeks.
    Pls mail me at

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  • well i think WP already has a template import system. The maker just has to be a CSS genious. Coz the main PHP file wont need a change then…

    🙂 I’d like to see what you can do with this. A simplification of it would make for a wider userbase, of course that means more less technical members of the community, but that isn’t neccesarily a bad thing. 🙂

    kailash, sorry to say this, but your template is CRAP.

    @huphtur: Well, that sure was constructive. I hope no one gives you similar feedback, friend.

    frankly speaking i dont think all individuals who want to blog really care abt validations. Blogs are not a tool to display your creative and programming skills (well they are in someways) but they are a tool to express one self first. So as long as it works for you and others (if it is supposed to be used or viewed by others) its fine. This is not a test. This is a tool…

    The WP design team puts a LOT of effort into producing one of the better CMS systems out there. The WP team understands the importance of web standards, which reflects in their coding and templates.
    Kailahs harsh statement that the template system is CRAP, is not very encouraging to the WP team. Therefore I was merely ‘defending’ the WP guys for their brilliant work. I did not mean to start a flame war. My appologiez for that.

    well, its good for someone to work according to standards. But you can’t expect everyone out there to insert there thought keeping their /> or no use of target in mind. The backend should be good, efficient and compatible and thats true with WP!

    Sushubh wrote:
    … “Blogs are not a tool to display your creative and programming skills (well they are in someways) but they are a tool to express one self first.” …
    While agree with you in-part, I would have to totally disagree with you on this statement.
    With weblog tools becoming more popular in the main stream, it would be most considerate to develop something that holds to standards. Blogs are not just for expressing one’s own personal self first. They are for all kinds of wonderful things and sites.
    Try reading this article:
    Beyond The Blog
    which describes how to use a weblog and weblog technology in a more robust way.
    Kind regards,

    the fact remains blogs are here as a medium of expression.
    and as much as i would love to see all web sites standard compliant, that aint gonna happen anytime soon and please i am not against supporting standards.
    but the fact remains, you cant trash any other user’s design just becoz it does not pass through the validators. My own blog wont pass the validator as i am more concerned on how it looks in the browsers which is more important. but that does not mean i will write bad code. 😀
    And i am really happy to see WP developers dead sure on making WP a standard compliant product…
    the thing is how much we might like the cars on the road to be perfect on the measures of safety measures of governing authorities, in practical world, its not entirely possible…

    Well, I just had to add my 2 cents here…
    Standards are very important, in the sense that if you truly want to express yourself, and you truly want the widest audience possible to share your expressions, then it is almost necessary to build your site to the highest standard possible. Making your site look good in any given browser is fine, but what of the people that can’t see well enough or at all? Their web readers need standard coding done in order for the listener to be able to consume the information. If you are a writer, and your audience needs to listen to words, then why would you not care to build your site so that they can? Also, following standards helps create the strongest chance that your site, and therefore your work, will be around for the long haul. It will be far easier to transform a standards-compliant site of today into the compliant site of tomorrow. Don’t forget, the way people consume the Internet is changing and evolving all the time. Your words can be made available to a PDA, a cell phone, a monitor, and a myriad of other devices that haven’t even been invented yet. Building to standards also means your site is easier to manage and maintain, giving you more time to express yourself. This is not to trash anyone or anyone’s site. In the end, it’s up to the owner of the site. I just know that I will make every effort to build standardised content, so that I can share my thoughts with all those who care to visit my site. Designing to standards is not about perfection–it’s about being accessible.

    Well, now.. you had a guy who was volunteering to create a templating system. Maybe a bit straightforward guy, but a volunteer, and you started a lamewar… keen.
    I mean, nobody has to use his code, but don’t scare him off before he manages to do anything 🙂

    well if standards are actually helping in what you suggest, they i may as well take my word back. i look my web page as what i see it as it is, in a browser where it looks pretty good in all the current versions.
    Though Opera lets u have a view of the small screen version…

    I don’t see anybody here starting any kind of “lamewar.” It’s a matter of simple discussion and debate. Nobody is getting nasty or personal. Since when is a simple difference of opinion akin to “lamewars?”
    I would love to see Kailash develop something. I envy and appreciate those with the necessary skills to pull such things off. I also respect Sushubh, who is allowed to design a site in any fashion for any reason. What kind of a forum is it that doesn’t promote discussions like this? If there are three people in a conversation who always agree on everything, then two of the three are basically redundant, are they not?
    Anyway, I encourage Kailash to write an application, and I encourage everyone to build a site to standards. Most of all, I encourage everyone to share thoughts and ideas and take advantage of the fact that we have an unprecidented opportunity to learn about each other and see the world from many perspectives. That is a good thing, standards or not.

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