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  1. Grivier
    Posted 8 years ago #


    well here's the deal....
    I'm trying to do something with my blog...
    I want to find or if it exists some script that changes
    templates as days go by,
    for example:
    -> if today is monday, it will be XYZ template for whole day,uses CSS of that template and all plugins which are activated
    -> if today turns to tuesday, it will change to YZX template, use it's own CSS and plugins...

    etc, for every day other template, this would be end-use, only in admin panel.so what bothers me, does this kind of script exists, or i need to ask someone to make it for me.

    PS: since this would be plugin, is it posible to make something like: in MANAGE section I choose which of these DAY template to use for whole week.

    i know i can manualy change template every day, but thats so repetitive and sometimes kinda time taker

    ty guys, for help


  2. Grivier
    Posted 8 years ago #

    no one, no one can help me? :(
    please guys, i need this info if someone has it...
    I'd be thankful so big


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