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  • (Not sure where to fit this post.)

    Hi all. I am creating a new site. For this site I am trying to move start with WordPress instead of Joomla. Obviously this brings some requirements and expectation.

    These are my requirements:

    -sidebar on the left side (for ad sense and popular posts, facebook etc)
    -free template(for now at least)
    -responsive design

    The default Twenty Fourteen is pretty close but I have some issues with it
    -the left menu is too narrow (cannot fit 250×250 there, let alone 360+)
    -I do not like the menu floating to the right
    -Without a third column individual posts just take up way to much space!

    Some of these issues could probably be changed with css but at this stage there probably is a more suited template out there.

    A friend of mine has a subsc to Elegant Themes. I checked Nexus which came close but:
    -Menu only on the right side
    -Layout goes weird for the homepage when you do not use “middle” widgets (and I have no real reason to put something there!).

    ps Page is not aimed at static content it is for a website about guides and reviews.

    Sites that are sort of what I need

    I hope I can some interesting tips!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Sites that are sort of what I need

    This forum cannot advise on how other sites work. Please post issues here related to running installs.

    You are welcome here and asked to review the Codex and the Themes (link) above.

    “This forum cannot advise on how other sites work.”

    Not sure how you came to that conclusion. Maybe because you only read the url? Sites are linked as inspirational resource. Concrete requirements were listed above.

    Regarding that last sentence
    The issue with the preview function that it is too limited. The only elements displayed are the header and font sizes; all stuff you throw away afte 5 minutes anyway.

    Bigger problem; When you navigate the preview it will revert back to twenty fourteen theme.Hence there is no insight in how the template displays 20+ posts.


    Although so far WordPress have impressed me with its build in features (e.g. 1 click install, image resized, thumbnail generation, drag and drop menu creation) I am having a real hard time finding an appropriate template.

    You may try some of the themes from these:
    Also use the filter feature to narrow down your search.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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