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  • I really like it mate – the second works better, and contrasts with the white. Where did you grab the bg, or was it self made? In any case, I think it’s a very blog-friendly them, I like the colours, the layout and the use of white space. It’s not cluttered, and looks very neat. Looking good.

    Thanks Jinsan. Regarding the bg, it’s self made with Photoshop’s DitherBox…

    Will probaly use this when It comes out. Make sure to have a nice header tho 🙂

    XeroCool, is it better to include a “nice” header in the template or will the one using it change that anyway?

    Personnal opinion, keep the first coloured background. This is a nice fresh pastel coloured theme, you don’t want the grey to muck the mood up. You’ve chosen the other colours to achieve a certain mood, anything contrasting distracts from the rest, driving the eye away from where it’s meant to be.

    Not so about the thick nav bar, I tend to like them…thinner :). That’s a personnal preference, not really any other reason other than the rest of your theme is nice and tight, title of the posts, links, etc, and the nav bar just seems a bit on the big side. Just an observation.

    Having said that I really like it, mainly like your colour combinations, very fun, nicely done.

    Oh yeah and the header is fine. It’s a template :). The first thing people are going to do is take it off, it’s the easiet thing to do is replace a jpg in a file :).

    Nice. I support its release.

    Looks really good. You’re doing a good job.

    Wow. I’m speechless. All I say is awesome!

    Definately looks good! Looking forward to it.

    Looking good! When do you expect to have it finished? I really like the colors used. And the layout is awesome. Nice and simple and effective.
    Three thumbs up!

    Khaled, you’re right about the thick nav bar – but it’s not like this was an accident 🙂

    I hope I will release this template soon but as it is a fun project I won’t make the mistake to announce a particular date…

    I think, this is the most beautiful WP theme I’ve ever seen.
    Damn, it’s just perfect. It’s colorful and smooth.
    Looking forward to it.


    I second that.

    Stunningly beautiful.

    Make sure you write a good documentation, it helps in making your theme as friendly as possible :). Flexibility helps a lot too (people just want to take off all teh stuff like images and put on their own when they are using 3rd party themes).

    any approximate date of release ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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