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  • Hi guys, i’ll try and explain this as best as i can.

    In my theme i have page templates, e.g. Blog page, Contact page, Search Page etc.

    When i select a page template i get another window underneath with template settings, e.g. if i select Blog Page i get options such as which categories to show and how many posts to show etc.

    But, if i copy this template, and rename it from say, Blog page to Blog page 2, when i select Blog page 2 as my template i no longer get the template settings for this template.

    Maybe the page template refers to another files for the settings somewhere in the theme? And maybe the new template name needs to be added somewhere? I have searched all over the theme files and Google doesn’t seem to understand my problem….

    The reason i want to do this is i want to add an image banner to the top of the page, i can do this, but then all my posts appear on the page rather than from a particular category, hence why i need the settings.

    Page i want to add image banner to –

    Page that already has image banner but doesnt contain blog posts –

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  • Michael


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    this seems to be a theme specific problem – please contact elegantthemes for support with their theme.

    commercial themes are not supported by this forum.

    I’ve contact them a few times, going back even months with no helpful info.

    And couldnt get much help on their forums either. I was hoping to get some help here.

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