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  • So I spent this morning in my PJs customizing my recently installed WordPress. It was pretty well finished, with just a few minor colours and things I still wanted to change, but I was in no rush and had better things to do. Then this evening I wrote an entry and when I went to check it out, the entire layout was back to that horribly default one. The new entry was there, refreshing was of no use, and I’m not looking forward to redoing the whole thing. So for the geniuses here who actually know how to use this nifty little program, a) why did my customizations revert, and b) how can I make it not do this again? Also, I noticed that my most recently added link category has seemingly disappeared. AM I GOING CRAZY?
    All help/feedback/WP-for-dummies will definitely be appreciated.
    Oh yeah, and it’s here if you care.
    Much thanks 🙂

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  • ok this might sound stupid… u actually fixed the online version or a local installation… 😛
    coz if the online version was changed and u did not over write the files, it should remain like that… in normal circumstances that is…

    Ookay, I don’t even have a local installation, it was all online, other people on completely different computers saw the changes, some of which were made using that handy little “Template” tab…. but I should’ve saved a copy to disk. Grr.

    yeah good point. i need to take a backup too… thanks for reminding me 🙂
    always. i repeat ALWAYS keep a backup. maybe ur server guys refreshed. but that should not happen…

    Noo, it shouldn’t have. It’s still kinda weird though… and I’m hoping it’ll magically pop back overnight or something… ha.

    You were customizing index.php, I assume? You say that * some* of the changes were made “using that handy little “Template” tab…. “. But, if you did all the editing online, what were you using besides the built-in WP template editor to edit index.php?

    I was editing index.php, of course, and also wp-layout.css via notepad and FTP.

    in case u did not notice u can edit any file in the wordpress folder as long as they are chmoded properly… (there is a text box to put the file name in)…
    also, i would like to point this out… coz this has happened to me before!
    when u edit the template online. u are editing the file online. so the file on ur local system remains the old file. and if u then upload the file on ur system to the server, u lose all the changes….
    this is pretty obvoius…
    i wanted to point out this… maybe which uploading the css which u were editing on ur system, u uploaded the index file by mistake 😛

    Thanks for the help guys. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t upload the wrong file though, because while editing the wp-layout.css one I had it as the only file on my desktop… so it’s not like I could’ve accidently selected the wrong file or whatever. Besides that, index.php and wp-layout.css are quite far away from each other when sorted alphabetically. I just found out that my host is upgrading servers though, so maybe that had something to do with it. Or maybe not. I still don’t know. But whatever, I’ll just redo it and then SAVE A COPY locally in case this ever happens again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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